OMGN: Duke Nukem Forever Review

I’m going to say this right off the bat: This is not going to be a fair review. It can’t be. No game that’s had 14 years of build up time is going to be a candidate for a “fair” review. It’s not possible. The good reviews are going to be magnified by a thousand, with people proclaiming “Game of the Year” and “Well worth the wait!” Which it won’t be because no sequel in the history of anything (no matter how good the original was) is worth waiting more than 14 years -- the Star Wars prequel trilogy proved this. This will be the realm of super fanboys and the nostalgia geeks who believe that Duke Nukem can do no wrong...

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Major_kenny2737d ago

6.5 out of 100? You troll

rfludwick2737d ago

It was supposed to be 6.5/10. I made a mistake in the submission and it got approved before I could fix it.

My bad! 6.5 out of 10! 65%! Not 6.5%... Heh.