Capcom and Ninja Theory aim to take DmC to the next level with the same Devil May Cry DNA fans love

Here are some new details of the new Devil May Cry game straight from Capcom at E3

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moegooner882688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I really appreciate Ninja Theory efforts, but this no longer feels like DMC 2 me

Jappy-k72687d ago

it doesn't look like any DMC game...

capcom says that the game going to have new world,new Dino and new style, so why not rename the game and make it a whole new ip?

xAlmostPro2688d ago

I think it looks awesome :)

Didn't know they re-changed the new character design though, sweet

the_kutaragi_baka2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Ninja theory failed with two games they released from gameplay aspect (Heavenly Sword sucks in gameplay)

Thats what I worried about the most, and of course the Emo dante :P .

WhiteLightning2688d ago

Nobody cares Sean....Nobody cares


Oh wait, got that wrong

Nobody cares Capcom.....Nobody cares

starshaped2688d ago

The game could play exactly the same, if not better, than the others, but the fans will still moan because they "ruined" Dante.

Tony P2688d ago

I agree that character design is the least of their problems. But NT have not exactly tried to win over fans of DMC.

Anyway, looking at the E3 2011 trailer, it will be amazing indeed if they manage to get the gameplay to measure up to the original DMC's. They've got a long way to go.

Tony-Red-Grave2688d ago

bad news- its a reboot

good news- "Fans of the previous games will be pleasantly surprised at who will be in the game"


fallingdove2688d ago

Fans are upset at more than the fact that Ninja Theory transformed Dante into a crackhead. As someone below mentioned. Two of the big issues are with the framerate and that Ninja Theory is developing the game.

Framerate - The Unreal Engine, being used for the game, is not really designed to run above 30 FPS. The only games that run at 60 FPS are the Mortal Kombat games which are limited to 1 on 1 fighting with simple backgrounds.

Ninja Theory - They couldn't design a combat system to save their lives. The most recent trailer indicates that the combat system already has some glaring timing issues.

starshaped2688d ago

I was unaware of any framerate problems, i'll put that down to me being ignorant, and the combat system, i don't think it looks that bad, time will tell. I'm a fan of the series and i want this to be good no matter who develops it and how it's designed.

OmegaSlayer2688d ago

Frame rate is a big issue here for any true diehard fan of DMC.

NT even messed up with the music... :(

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The story is too old to be commented.