6.5 - Duke Nukem Forever Review reviews the game 12 years in the making. Does Duke Nukem Forever live up to the hype? CAN it live up to the hype? Is it even any good? Read the review and decide for yourself.

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Close_Second2743d ago

I wonder how many will be put off by the reviews. To me it looks like bargain bin fodder.

ShinraE52743d ago

According to joystiq, it wa atop the UK charts, so maybe no too many were.

I always believed ignore reviews and go off your gut feeling.

Mutley4162743d ago

ugg...i had high hope for this game...

GKickNetwork2743d ago

This is a very, VERY subjective game. I expected DNF to sell well solely off the hype, but you're probably going to also see a lot of disappointed folks. Some people will really enjoy it but I think a lot more will be let down. Then again, like ShinraE5 said, go off your gut and enjoy what you want to enjoy.