PSP Games Get Dual Analog Control on NGP

The system can also upscale and smooth PSP games' graphics.

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a_bro2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Perfect. Now i will buy PSP shooters as soon as I get a Vita. (LMAO get a vita aka life)

BakedGoods2692d ago

I like the name Vita. Has more character than 'PSP2'.

Dramscus2692d ago

I like it too though I think it's an odd way to go, they've always had pretty standard naming strategies. I'll wait until sony announces it to take it for granted.

I'm guessing that to only psp games it'll be playing are the digital versions. So a little bit of love to anyone that ownes a go.
It didn't sell so well but it'll probably be the version they keep around the longest.

It's my fav version, I've had a 200 and a 300 but they were just too big to actually be portable. I take mine to work to listen to music and keep it in my pocket at all times for time killing purposes.

blusoops2692d ago

Valkyria Chronicles 3
FF type 0
Patapon 3

These games I will buy when NGP comes out...apart from Uncharted, Wipeout, super stardust, and sound shapes.

VINNIEPAZ2692d ago

This will come in handy on Monster Hunter games. No more using "the claw"

darthv722692d ago

will these psp games be playable with dual analog on the pspgo? Seeing as you can use a sixaxis controller when playing.

At least...I do anyways when I plug it into my tv. If these games can get a patch for the ngp there is no reason that patch wont work for the go.

dp2774072692d ago

They needed to do this im glad they did.

trikster402692d ago

That's great...except all of my PSP games are on UMD. Whatever happened to that supposed program where you would get a free digital copy of any game you owned that was supposed to roll out with the PSP Go? Yeah, never happened.

a_bro2692d ago

when they announced the vita back in february, they were talking about getting those UMD to Digital for real this time, ontop of helping the consumer convert their games from UMD to digital as well.

lets see if that happens. If not, we are going to hear the same PSP Go mumbojumbo again.

darthv722692d ago

they would have to be pretty strict with the validation system. Otherwisde what would keep someone from borrowing or buying a bunch of used umds, getting the digital copies and then taking the umds back?

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The story is too old to be commented.