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Biggest disappointments of 2010

Several members of the GoozerNation editorial staff got together to discuss the biggest disappointments from last year. Here now, are their thoughts on which video games bit the dust. (Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

cochise313  +   1207d ago
Am I the only one who enjoyed MOH multiplayer?
trainsinrdr  +   1207d ago
it was pretty bland compared to bad company 2 but it was decent enough
cochise313  +   1207d ago
I liked it because it was COD without all those damn kill streak rewards. I liked it for it's simplicity. But BC2 is definitely one my favorite FPS's

@ Solid Snake

That's why I liked it.
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Solid_Snake-  +   1207d ago
not at all. i think its a great mix between CoD and battlfield.

battlefield BC 2 is still a better game but MOH still holds its own.
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BlackTar187  +   1207d ago
i liked it but you had KS in MOH.
InLaLaLand  +   1207d ago
Yeah it wasn't bad, just that not many people were playing it online and there was only three classes. I enjoyed what I played of the MOH multiplayer.
Der_Kommandant  +   1207d ago
Kane and Lynch 2 ending...

(sigh) Dear Lord...
BlackTar187  +   1207d ago
what an awful game.
kube00  +   1207d ago
I have to agree Kane and Lynch 2 was so short
TheDivine  +   1207d ago
It was short but i LOVED that game. There are no other great gritty crime sagas like it. I loved throwing n shooing propane tanks, the part where u shoot the thugs coming after ur girl, and the torture part was AWESOME. Nothing like killing peeps naked while bleeding half 2 death lol.
Troll_Police  +   1207d ago
Crackdown 2 and Fable 3. Crackdown 1 had an 83 metascore and Crackdown 2 dropped 13 points to a 70. Fable 2 had an 89 metascore but Fable 3 dropped 9 points to an 80. I'd call that disappoints.
InLaLaLand  +   1207d ago
For me it was RDR, I liked the voice acting and setting, but the game was boring. John Marston was a carbon copy of Niko Bellic. I had to force myself to finish the game.

FF XIII had boring characters which you didn't really care about. I liked the battle system in FF XIII because I never used the auto battle.
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brockst4r  +   1207d ago
I never played GTA IV, so I can't speak to the resemblance to Niko, but I thought John Marston was a great character. I loved the respect for his family, and the earnest desire to reform himself. I thought RDR was anything but boring.
InLaLaLand  +   1207d ago
Yeah he did have respect for his family but most of the game he had the attitude of a typical R* character which he had the attitute of 'he hates the people he works for but has to work for them'. I enjoyed the hideouts but when exploring you always get the other strangers (the people in blue) which was annoying especially the woman with the gang.
Kos-Mos  +   1207d ago
I agree on rdr. Horrible gameplay and a tad boring. I would like too see it made a timeline before the one they picked. I know the story was made around the "change of things". Nonetheless it was boring.

But FFXIII: Haters gonna hate as always.
InLaLaLand  +   1207d ago
I loved the FF XIII soundtrack, sounds similar to FF X soundtrack (main composer did Besaid Island). I also liked the GT 5 soundtrack. I liked the battle system because I never relied on the auto battle to do everything like most people did, it was fast and made me think what strategy to use in a battle. The only bad thing from the battle system for me was staggering the enemy most of the time.

I thought the characters were a bit boring, I didn't find Vanille annoying like some people did. I didn't care that the game was linear, FF X was linear too. Just the way the story and characters were presented made the game feel boring.
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MasterCornholio  +   1207d ago
Call of Duty Black Ops was the biggest dissapointment for me. Plus Fable 3 was dissapointing as well. Just my opinion no need to fret over it.
MasterD919  +   1207d ago
Black Ops single player campaign was worthless...so terrible. Zombies and Multiplayer I can at least deal with.

Fable 3, Kane & Lynch 2, Crackdown 2...these are all games worthy of being forgotten.
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