DICE explains reasons for lower player count on console Battlefield 3

DICE's Patrick Bach has explained why the console versions of Battlefield 3 have a lower player count than the PC version, stating that issues with "CPU, memory and bandwidth" are to blame.

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Ninver2809d ago

Just STFU and develop the game gosh. There's like 50 news posts from EA/DICE every frekin day ENOUGH!.

imvix2809d ago

Cant expect much from 6yr old hardware. Console gamers should be thankful the games even appearing on console.

Ranshak2809d ago

Getting it on PC so i dont care :P Why bother paying a royalty to MS or Sony then up end with a lesser version.

I_find_it_funny2809d ago

^^ because I don't even have PC in the first place

Active Reload2809d ago

"Cant expect much from 6yr old hardware. Console gamers should be thankful the games even appearing on console"

Another military shooter? I'll pass...10x over.

HolyOrangeCows2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

They don't want to admit that they aren't talented at programming for consoles. Plenty of games have looked/played great, had large maps, and had exponentially more players than this.

You're not fooling anyone with a brain, DICE.

DeadlyFire2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Well given the destruction, Jets in game, Engine running at its maximum potential. I say your still getting an awesome Bad Company 2 update for consoles. I mean umm. Still getting a great game either way. NO game has really pushed destruction limits like what DICE is trying to do with Battlefield 3. That is sole reason I believe console games will have the limited player count. Simply to much for consoles to handle. You could always just tell them to do it repeatedly and get Battlefield 3 for consoles in 2013 or something when they find a way to optimize the engine enough to do so.

I can't wait to play this on my PC.

plb2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Honestly the real issue I have is that every time I play BC2 on PC (32 players) roughly 80% of every team is snipers. I wish they would limit the sniper count per team. I can't imagine a match with 40+ snipers running around.

Sub-Zero852809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Its funny how u PC gamers think PC gaming is the best thing since sliced bread ........ consoles rule the gaming world hands down. There are many great titles that won't be comin to PC at all so enjoy Battlefield 3 because its the only game worth talkin about on PC ..... buying $500 end cards and constantly updated ur PC isn't wort it , so I will be enoying BF3 on my PS3 !!!

kancerkid2809d ago

I like how all of the sudden N4G members know more about console hardware tech and architecture than DICE, a video game developer who are widely regarded as some of the best in the business.

Did it ever cross your thick, fanboy skull that if a developer with a world-renowned reputation says that something cannot be done on consoles, or a specific console, that said thing CANNOT ACTUALLY BE DONE due to hardware limitations?

it is fun to think that you spent 300 dollars and now have the strongest video game console ever devised, but you would most likely be wrong.

radphil2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Devs: "We can only fit 100 Balloons in room #1, and 40 in room #2"

Random Person: "Well why can't you fit 100 balloons in room #2?"

Devs: "Because room #2 is only 1/2 the size of Room #1"

Random Person: "Oh you guys are just lazy"

Devs: "ಠ_ಠ"

Kahvipannu2808d ago

"They don't want to admit that they aren't talented at programming for consoles. Plenty of games have looked/played great, had large maps, and had exponentially more players than this.

You're not fooling anyone with a brain, DICE. "

Your always saying the problem is the developers, for not using the uber cell tech that PS3 possesses, which angels crafted in the mount Doom. The fact is, consoles are limited hardware, which obviously can't same that PC can.

You have seen games that have had something that some others doesn't, so you assume all can have everything? Why doesn't Killzone 3 have bigger maps, or over 250 player mp? I have seen that other games have them. Becouse the hardware is not capable of it with KZ3's visuals.

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AaronSponk2809d ago

Granted, Battlefield 3, due to destructible environments, is probably more memory constrained.

That being the case, 24 is just fine.

All the people whining about it didn't seem to care so much when other big-selling shooters were released with pathetic 8 or 10 player multiplayer.

Kurt Russell2809d ago

There is nothing pathetic about 8 or 10 players. When will people learn the difference between quality and quantity?

Heartnet2809d ago


The Player count if small means the maps have to be small also so :P

Some games it works well others do not.. FPS haveto be face paced and you cant have that if u have a big map with small player count

AaronSponk2808d ago

@Kurt Russel, we're talking multiplayer, not AI bots. if you have stupid friends the quality will be bad.

Quantity is important when it comes to multiplayer.

Aloren2808d ago

Nope, quantity doesn't matter. What matters is how the game is designed. If the design works best in a 3v3, then why would you want more players ? That doesn't mean the MP won't be as fun. You can play halo in 4v4, and it's still fun and intense.

AaronSponk2808d ago


That's fine for arcadey games like Halo which dont intend to be at all realistic in any way but Battlefield and Resistance are, very much, attempting for a realistic feel so the number of opponents really does make a difference. Having said that 24 is quite a lot.

It's the same with racing sims. Even the 16 players of GT5 barely cuts it. In real world races you have dozens of racers.

Kahvipannu2808d ago

"Quantity is important when it comes to multiplayer. "

That is totally subjective how the game has been designed.

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Heartnet2809d ago

Lol Cuz the guys in mareketingg really help develop ehte game and what not geez :) dont read em if u dont want to :)

Bull5hifT2809d ago

Cause if they'd all gather up at one place the console would explode trying to figure out how to even start rendering that

Caleb_1412809d ago

I'll be playing it on PC so this is of no concern to me.

Substance1012809d ago

Thats the best decision just like any multiplat out there. I can preorder the game now on PC for 50usd.

Agent-862808d ago

Where is the $50 preorder for PC? I looked at the EA Store and it's $60. Where did you get it for $50?

yume-k2809d ago

DICE: cuz we are laaaaazy...zzzZZ

DeathMetal14742808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

DICE: Man consoles have the smae resoultion as cell phones. Most of you games couldn't handle the destruction of Angry Birds.

2809d ago
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