DICE: “Most Sandbox Games Are Boring”

Edge - Swedish developer DICE has revealed that combat in its upcoming shooter Battlefield 3’s campaign more closely resembles the tightly-scripted likes of the Call Of Duty series, rather than the open, sandbox style of its previous Battlefield 2: Bad Company games.

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Jaces2814d ago

Well....what about Just Cause 2?

captain-obvious2814d ago

yah thats clever from their side

bumnut2814d ago

Just Cause 2 is the most fun game I have played in years. The game is huge too, so much to do and destroy :)

Looks amazing in 3D too

InLaLaLand2814d ago

I agree about Just Cause 2. Great game, much more fun than RDR. The view in the air is breath taking.

undercovrr2814d ago

i got bored of that game is 2 days...a new record for me. Premise was really good, but combat was just so terrible.

ThanatosDMC2814d ago

Nothing like flying a stolen jet and crashing it to some building or tank or people or boat.

Hairy Chewie2814d ago

I got really borred with Just Cause 2. Finishing it became a chore because everything became so repetitive.

DaTruth2814d ago

And when you die you have to fly 30 minutes back to the mission!

I finished it once and lost my savegame, but just couldn't finish it again; the place is just too big!

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HeavenlySnipes2814d ago

I hope he does mean from every genre. Because Oblivion, San Andreas, InFamous, and Red Dead Redemption would like a word with you guys.

I love how for KZ3 everyone is like, "oh just another corridor shooter, we need more sandbox games". Now BF3 is having a more linear approach to the SP and everyone agrees that this is the right thing to do WTF?

plb2814d ago

Really depends on the game. Some are no doubt boring while others have a perfect balance of what's needed to make for a great game.

Tuxedo_Mask2814d ago

As good as those games are if you play them long enough they can get pretty boring.

bumnut2814d ago

I liked oblivion and San Andreas, but found RDR to be very boring.

TotalPS3Fanboy2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

The problem with open sandbox game is that there is no game flow.

The story and the gameplay are very fragmented and the story have to be divided into missions, instead of like Uncharted 2, where the story progress continously from the begining to the end with no breaks in between.

I disagreed.

The openess of Oblivion and lack of story flow is what I hate about Oblivion. Oblivion gets very boring once you've pass the help-the-king-escape-scene because there is no longer a storyline progressing the game forward.

Instead, you just go wandering around aimlessly, doing random missions that doesn't have anything to do with the storyline, until you fight the final boss.

There is no gradual build up of tension to reach the point of climax and giving a satisfactory payoff, which is what a great linear game can do.

HeavenlySnipes2814d ago

sandbox games when done well are better than linear games done well. Why? Because the developer allows you to do what you want, when you want. A game like Oblivion just introduces you to the world and leaves you to explore. You become the character that most resembles your personality, you make decisions based on your morals. Uncharted 2 is the extreme example of a very good linear game, but when you play the game you only are looking in to the life of the protagonist, you are not the protagonist. In linear games you can only do what the developers have predestined for your character. Its hard to argue against one of my favourite games EVAR!!11! but my point is that sandbox games are more immersive.

Sprudling2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )


And doing what you want when you want with some generic character is exactly what makes the story suffer. Stories are by definition linear and generic characters are by definition generic.

If I find myself in the situation where I'd rather do something else than continuing on with the story, then guess what? I can play another game, or.. (crazy thought).. an activity not related to gaming.

In any case, a game can still be awesome with a shitty story, or no story at all. I know of plenty examples of that.

wedgie2814d ago

I agree with that. As another example, I enjoyed Fallout 3, and I know and understand how it is a really great game. It is just not mine.

If I had to choose, especially when it comes to RPGs, I would rather go with a Bioware one, because of the focus on story first, and then freedom.

I enjoyed it, but I just did not have the urge to have to get to the end like you do with other games. Especially when you are looking at 30+ hours

MysticStrummer2814d ago

@wedgie - Ironically, Oblivion and Fallout 3 are much more like RPGs than any Bioware game. The original RPGs let you create a character and then put you in the world. Where you went after that was up to you. That's how I prefer it. OT - DICE is certainly allowed their opinion, as long as they understand many would say most FPSs are boring.

ThanatosDMC2814d ago

There are so many quests in the game. You just lack focus. You could do the main quest or dont.

wedgie2814d ago

@mystic summer- yeah, unfortunately I got into RPGs late. I need to go back and play some of the older ones, some of the final fantasys, Jade Empire, Baldur's Gate, try the earlier Fallouts, etc. My first RPG was KOTOR (heard good things and Star Wars lol)

@Thanatos-I got through it. It was just the main quest, if you just did that, was only 5 or 6 hours long tops. Not much main story.

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Ducky2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

The most fun I've had in gaming has come from open-world and/or sandbox games.

Most linear games are boring to me. I might as well be watching a movie.

Although I would agree with his comment that linear games are more popular. Mainly because they'd be easier to make and a lot of people enjoy a scripted movie-like experience.

Bravo42814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

To me, Just Cause 2, Yakuza 3 and Yakuza 4 are the most fun out there. Awesome atmosphere and tons to do. Don't even get me started on Yakuza's story. Sucks you in so good. Hell, I bet it could suck a golf ball through a garden hose!

Too bad not a lot bought them or even gave them a chance. Whatever. I've played it, what do I care? Just feels like these gems need more attention.

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-Mezzo-2814d ago

Completely agreed, i hope thats not the case with this Title.

Danielmccue2814d ago

Open world games are only boring if you have no imagination.

sandbox games are like being a kid again, you have this huge playing space filled with toys and you can do whatever you want.

your only limit is imagination which makes sandbox games my favorite genre.

InTheKnow2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

We don't have it so it's boring. Poor Dice, first all other devs are treading water and now open world games, you know like GOTY RDR, are boring.

Dice, what is boring is your fantasy PC footage pretending to be how the game will look on consoles. Box art exactly like the competitors and now I'm sure game play that will also look and play the same.

Show your console version since it's so good OR are you going to continue to hide behind the PC?

Can't wait to see the MW3 game play. There won't be any tricks or illusions or hopefully dumb Dice like boasting about a game NOBODY has even seen yet.

BTW, I guess your admitting that the older Battlefield games were boring RIGHT?


I'm not talking, Dice is.

MW2 had one of the most advanced engines out there and last time I checked it was the ONLY FPS running 60 fps on consoles. Is Dice's advanced engine running 60 fps? Sure the $2000 PC that is running all the trailers is but what about the consoles? Dice is lying to everyone right now and trying to hide behind PC footage KNOWING consoles don't run or have those type of resources.

Have you seen MW3? That's what I thought. So saying it looks the same puts your lying A$$ in the same category as Dice. No wonder your quick to defend the lying.

There is nothing wrong with scripted game play when done right. That's not what the post is about. A little comprehension goes a long way. Dice is complaining, not me.

kaveti66162814d ago

What are you talking about, man?

The older Battlefield games didn't even have campaigns.

Your username is misleading. You don't know shit.

Bad Company 1 had scripted scenes, too, and maybe DICE is admitting their fault in making it a sandbox title.

Modern Warfare 3 will look about the same as Modern Warfare 2. Activision is forcing its devs to stick with the old IW engine, which is based off the older IdTech 3 engine from Carmack.

and DICE should be allowed to advertise the footage from the best version of BF3. The PC version is the ideal version of their game.

Why are you talking about Modern Warfare when it's full of scripted scenes and is in no way a sandbox game?

XabiDaChosenOne2814d ago

@Intheknow You are really stupid bro.
"MW2 had one of the most advanced engines out there and last time I checked it" LMAO!!

Ducky2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

"MW2 had one of the most advanced engines out there and last time I checked it was the ONLY FPS running 60 fps on consoles."

> Then you know nothing about engines.
Running at a high fps isn't the only thing which determines how advanced an engine is.
... but yes, the IW-engine is one of the best engines.
Too bad it is only used in small, static environments.

"Is Dice's advanced engine running 60 fps? Sure the $2000 PC that is running all the trailers is but what about the consoles?"

> Exaggeration is an easy way of killing your own credibility. The console version will run at 30fps, mainly because, as you skillfully noticed, they have older hardware. They'll show console footage when they're ready. In the mean time, they're showing the PC footage because that's what showcases their game in the best manner.
If the CoD series actually tried pushing the envelope nowadays, they'd be doing the same.

I haven't seen MW3, neither have you. Judging by the game's history, it won't be doing anything new. But anything is possible.

"A little comprehension goes a long way."

> Then follow your own advice. They expressed their opinion, and you started complaining about not having console footage.

BeastlyRig2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

F*&k console PC is were the Battle is at ok?

My ps3 cost me $600 & my PC cost me $800!!

Even if it looks like the PC version I can't play Battlefield 3 with 24 players.. They are not hiding they are being loyal to the people who made the company what it is now!!

Sure ps3 is $300 now but If someone pays $800 for a PC with superior hardware don't they deserve to play games of this quality to it's full potential!!

If you you don't like it buy a PC or STFU until they show console version :)

The next Medal of Honor will use the same engine!

It's PC's time to shine with this game so stop complaining ok? Now go play some uncharted or something!! (great game by the way)

captain-obvious2814d ago

talk about butt hurt console fanboy

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Stealth20k2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

boring and unoriginal but they get away with it because of cozy western media.

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