Interview with Ed Boon....About the game, for the fans!

A near interview with Ed Boon speaking about the game (how it joys the fans) with Final game preview.

The video is below in case it doesn't work.

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Dart892811d ago

Ermac all the way.

Two more weeks to go:).

Wonder what you get for beating the tower?

felonycarclub2811d ago

yeah i wonder? what can it be? this is the mk game ive been waiting for cant wait to play with every character and my favorite scorpion

thethiny2811d ago

maybe the new character (DUMMY) will be unocked.

RedDead2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

I've been wanting to say this for a while, his eyebrows are huge!

JohnApocalypse2811d ago

I'm glad there's a tutorial showing you how to play the game

Omar1st2811d ago

He looks a little like Sylar outta Heroes. :P

nightmarex1212811d ago

How did this even get approve this is so old.

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