Charge PS3 controller via USB Power Cell

PS3 gamers keen to make sure their PS3 controller never runs out of battery power during a critical gameplay moment can now buy a new innovative product that aims to put an end to their fears.

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P4KY B3737d ago

I use them in my spare 360 controller.
They are very good.

MrSwede3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I don´t care what you write, Jeremy Gerard, showing up with an avatar like that I´m listening!

[email protected], I ment to reply downstairs...

AliC3737d ago

My controller never runs out of power, if it does then connecting the cable to my PS3 isn't really all that hard.

MaximusPrime3737d ago

i charge my PS3 controller once every month compare to xbox360 controller which i charge every 2 weeks.

But that gadget is pretty cool.

Jeremy Gerard3737d ago

well I rarely have to charge my PS3 controller either but then again I rarely use my PS3!

MaximusPrime3737d ago


i played both console a lot. in terms of time i spent playing, yes both the same.

Cat3737d ago

nifty, but i can't say i'd ever feel the need to pick one up. even with a multiplayer scenario, i can't imagine needing this.

wil4hire3737d ago

I think it lasts up to 72 hours? the ps3 controller charge.. I just charge one while I use the other.

chacokiss3737d ago

I might get some for my phone. that's about it.

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