gamrFeed: Uncharted 4 Prediction

I don't think anybody was surprised to hear that developer Naughty Dog wants to make another Uncharted game. Of course, if you have been following their line of work since the Playstation days, you'd notice a pattern forming. At least I did.

The "Naughty Dog Development Cycle" picture can be viewed after clicking the link.

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Balt 2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

I detailed how this could work a few weeks back but everyone balked at it. My idea was to have Sully making bets on this underground racing circuit, not unlike Motorstorm's, and he gets in over his head. The ring leader of the race circuit is a bad mothra and he orders Sully to be killed -- Enter Drake who says he'll race for the circuit and win back the money Sully has cost them, making more money in the process.

If he fails -- Sully dies. If he wins -- Sully lives, Drake lives and they're free to go.

Very plausible that the next game could be a demolition style racer with guns and such. Twisted Metal/Motorstorm/Uncharted = a good mesh.

HarryMonogenis2892d ago

I want Drake to do Crash Bandicoot's signature dance every time he wins a race. :P

Lamarthedancer2892d ago

I want to see him do the "I got the Crystal" dance :)

TheLastGuardian2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

I think Uncharted Team Racing sounds awesome. It's like a Naughty Dog tradition. The only thing is Uncharted seems too realistic to be a kart racer unlike Crash and Jak. It's up to Naughty Dog and they're smart so I'm happy with whatever they do.

Motorola2892d ago

Sounds like a super short story you have there.

swirldude2892d ago

So the next big hit in the Uncharted series is going to be...


BeardedGamerShow2892d ago

Haha, my favorite gamrSnack so far. Awesome.

Cajun Chicken2892d ago

lol, seriously. I think they're not going to make Uncharted 4 after 3. We'll get a new Jak with a bit of breathing space, I don't think that ND will do the bonus karting game this time. Although JakX was a worthy follow up to CTR.

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The story is too old to be commented.