Kid gets lifetime Nintendo pass from mum after using DS to save family

Ever since July, when seven-year-old Christopher used his DS, a handheld electronic game console, to help free his trapped family from their crashed car, his mum Kathleen Wilkes says he can have anything he wants.

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big_silky2827d ago

i guess kangaroos are the aussie equivalent of our stupid deer.

oh and "maybe the dingo ate your baby"

AtatakaiSamurai2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

yeah but score ONE for gaming yay!!!... now we'll 10 news stories about how *best best Ozzy accent* "maybe gaming ate your baby"

Gandalf2827d ago

"when seven-year-old Christopher used his DS, a handheld electronic game console, to help free his trapped family from their crashed car"

After reading that, I really had to see what this was all about.

xDSJxPyro2827d ago


I remember reading about this a while ago, nice to see Nintendo actually cares, and did something for his family. *Looks* at Sony and Microsoft.

milohighclub2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

nintendo did shit all.

theonlylolking2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Nintendo just gave him a life time nintendo pass which was a nice thing but ruining the gaming industry was not.


They made the DS does that count?

R_aVe_N2826d ago

I am confused how does Nintendo care? They didn't do anything at all!

AngryFork2826d ago

These kinds of stories always make me roll my eyes. They have these massive statements like "someone was trapped in a basement being set ablaze, and one person had to go in and save him!" etc. and then the end result is so cheap and stupid.

The end result of this one is the kid using the DS light to unbuckle his mother or something. I mean come on are you serious. The article builds up this huge thing and then THAT'S the big reveal? So dumb.

Also the title is misleading. I thought Nintendo themselves gave someone some kind of lifetime pass. But it was just his mother who says Nintendo is okay now, or some BS.

princejb1342826d ago

your just mad cause you wouldnt be able to save em even with a flashlight
like common the kid if 5 years old, most kids that age would just cry until someone else rescues them

Matthew942826d ago

the mum is an idiot, all he used was the ds' backlight. if he had used a torch would she have got him a life time supply of torches

AtatakaiSamurai2826d ago

wow realy? the mom's an idiot? wow really? holy cow the type of people the internet has spawned in scary.

2826d ago
sporteous1212122826d ago

Nintendo didn't give him a was his mom.

Shadow Flare2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I thought it was gonna say the kid used some amazing medical technique he learnt from trauma centre to save his mums life. Instead, he used the light from the screen to unbelt his mother. That's a good kid, but he would have been a great kid if he also used his trauma centre game to give that kangaroo CPR or something

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The story is too old to be commented.