How does it feels to be killed by a Gunship in CoD: Black Ops?

Well in this video you can experience all the godness of being killed over and over again by a gunship in this team deathmatch online multiplayer video in Radiation Map.

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PRHB HYBRiiD2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

my dad plays better

PRHB HYBRiiD2975d ago

now that's a true game he gets killed like 20 times and still likes the game...that's the spirit!

Hideo_Kojima2974d ago

This video shoes what it feels like to get killed in every possible way in Black Ops.

He tries to shoot down an airplane with his gun.
A helicopter with his grenade.
And he shoots without aiming down his site.

I hope this is the first cod game this guy is playing otherwise its just sad.

bostoner2974d ago

LMAO yea I saw the grenade at the Helo... LOL... that was priceless. I cried a little laughing. I think this guys always on my team. I always get linked up with bums. How can you even be that bad. And LOLOLOLOL he invites his friend too. LOL If I had a game like that I would want anyone to see it.

kunit22c2974d ago

yeah at 0:19 RIGHT after he chooses his class at the bottom it says
"counters: number of people who tried to give us cash to get in the beta: Classified"

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Gago2975d ago

Only a few of you will get that reference

disturbing_flame2975d ago

Why still posting videos of the game when you know they gonna be removed of youtube in few hours ?

ajcastillo2975d ago

It doesn´t matter, is just for people to know or at least to see what to expect about the game.

WetN00dle692975d ago

Ahhh cool stuff on the Napalm Strike Treyarch!

ThatIrishGamer2975d ago

This shows the game is just as bullshit as Mw2 with stupid streak rewards.

FragMnTagM2975d ago

That looks exactly like MW2 with a few tweaks here and there. Not getting my sixty bucks. I may rent it.

mordakai82974d ago

I wouldn't pay 4 it...

Thats why im getting it 4 free... already preordered and everything...

I love winning bets :D

theonlylolking2975d ago

All they need to do for killstreaks is turn them into point streaks like medal of honor and make it take more points(or kills) to get that support.

Odin7772974d ago

Yeah this could've been dlc for Modern Warfare 2, like that vietnam thing for Battlefield.

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The story is too old to be commented.