E4G: Eurogamer Expo 2010 Top 10 Games

E4G: The doors of London’s Earls Court have closed on the biggest gaming show in Britain for another year but the memories of playing the great games that were at the show will remain for a while after. Amongst the abundance of sequels and motion sensing shimmying there were some truly great titles on show from a wide range of genres. First person shooters, RPG’s, sport titles, fighting games, side scrolling platformers, survival horror games and fun party games where you can shake or strum up a storm, there was definitely something for everybody at this year’s show.

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maawdawg2894d ago


Eusrogamer named it their number one of the show and everyone says it had the longest lines to test besides all the rave reviews it got in the hands on articles and it doesn't crack the top 10 for these guys?

Kingdom Come2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

It is such an innovative title bringing change to the overcrowded and tired FPS Genre unlike, (my opinion) Killzone 3, which despite great graphics, is a simple FPS game not worthy of the Number 2 spot...

raztad2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

", is a simple FPS game not worthy of the Number 2 spot..."

I know it is your opinion at all, but how do you know KZ3 is a simple FPS? it seems like E4G staff played the game and had a lot of fun with it. It actually might be deeper and funner than you think.

Kingdom Come2894d ago

Firstly, I appreciate you respecting my opinion, secondly, whilst Killzone 2 was a good game, it was a generic shooter with brilliant graphics, it's gameplay felt dated and gave nothing new to the genre. Killzone 3 looks like a scenery change with a simple Jetpack and vehicles (mechs?). Whilst I respect Guerrilla Games a's developers for the technology of the game, and whilst I see how it appeals to others, it has never appealed to me. This is of course as you say, opinion, and is not to be taken as though I am passing it off as fact.

raztad2894d ago

My only suggestion is dont write off the game w/o a proper try. GG has been working hard in fine tuning KZ mechanics, and judging by this list looks like they might have nailed it. The Jump-packs introduce some gameplay variations, like platforming and vertical combat. Well, E4G themselves say that KZ3 is the only FPS entering their top ten list. I guess they were honestly impressed. Of course is just an opinion.

Regarding Brink I cant comment much. Lost track of the game some time ago.

bananasNmonkeys2894d ago

Maybe the queue was too long :)

xino2893d ago

and the fact is EGE is farking old so I don't know why people are still covering on it:/

why is Enslaved: Idiots To the West in the list? demo was released just a few days ago before EGE

bananasNmonkeys2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Brink was my number 1.

bananasNmonkeys2894d ago

Actually my number one was some OLD Asian guy nearly beating my friend at table tennis on the move!

I was crying

Acquiescence2894d ago

That seems a bit bizarre, given that it's the most hotly anticipated release of the rest of the year.

Kingdom Come2894d ago

Call of Duty Black Ops, not that it deserves it...