Microsoft’s Kinect Schedule Roll-out

Whether you’re dancing with excitement for Microsoft’s Kinect or think the system is going to fall on its face, Microsoft is putting its full weight behind the technology. With at least 17 titles already planned for release before the end of the year, this could be a big launch for the new system. It all starts November 4.

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hiredhelp2895d ago

Ohh deer. not good for a gamer like me then. i prefer my resi gold move edition.
R.U.S.E sprts champions. hustle kings. tigerwoods. as well as the rest i have. but this more dance and sports. weres the mix. you got harry going nuts on rails. you got sonic all in a spin on rails not that he needs rails. hes always in a spin.

Dee_912895d ago

well kinect isnt for hardcore gamers so i doubt if anybody here would be fond of these particular games
however even for my newphew neice i dont think would enjoy these if i got it for them christmas .. okay they might like a few but im not spending $150 on something they will only play a few times..
il prob end up getting it for her anyway lol

darthv722895d ago

have some faith. We dont start out in gaming as hardcore. That is something to aspire to. This device will follow the path we all have taken. Start out slow at first but get better and better as time goes by.

WLPowell2894d ago

I started on Mario, Castlevania, Metroid, Battletoads, and Megaman. I started out hardcore. Kids these days are fucking lame.

tacosRcool2894d ago

I read that Kinetic was aimed also at hardcore gamers so yes it is for hardcore gamers

Biggest2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I read that Bigfoot is real. So yes, Bigfoot is real.

mcstorm2894d ago

There is a big difference in the games you played them to now though they were no where near as complex as todays games which is why games on the wii work so well with families and young kids because its easy for them to pick up and play. Kinect offers the same thing only its more jump in and play. All kinect is doing is making the 360 a all round machine rather than just a fps game console that the none gamers think it is. I am looking forward to kinect as the family can now enjoy it with me and the tech looks interesting and it should give the developers another way to think about games like they had too with the wii if ms can get its rare back to how it was on the n64 days they will make some amazing games for it like nintendo have done with the wii.

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Bigpappy2895d ago

Move is dull because there is nothing you really need it for. Well. except fanboys to tell Wii owners how accurate it is. Seems like Sony has a working concept, but no games that would make me think the controller was worth $100-$330 controller set. If I am going buying "Move" to be playing DS3 base games, it better play those game way better than the DS3, or I don't see the point.

ImpartialMan2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

that burns fractions of calories than going to a gym...

or a dancing game that tells you you are "Hella Good" no matter how you dance.
not one game on that list is playable...

BTW, then why do people buy driving wheels if they can just play it on DS3??? HMMM???

yea cause it improves the gameplay makes it more immersive and instinctive.

gamingdroid2894d ago

I agree! There is no game out there right now that really need the PS Move controller. As far as I can tell, other than Sports Champion there is no game that performs better with PS Move.

It's better and cheaper to stick with the DS3!

Biggest2894d ago

HOLY CRAP!!!! If you have any form of a sense of humor, check out the YouTube video that ImpartialMan posted. That may have been the most disjointed "dance" I have ever seen. The fact that he scored 4/5 stars was just icing on the WTFcake.

ImpartialMan2894d ago

yea i know right.. i was laughing so hard when kinect said this guy is "Hella Good"

but dont worry. according to xbox fanboys, it is the Ps3 fanboys that made kinect so inaccurate/laggy/glitchy

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ilikestuff2895d ago

kinect will be the "big thing" until christmas day when the kiddies set it up and it works like a turd, by jan. 1st gamestop will have a mountain of traded in kinects.

cochise3132895d ago

this is how we will look at kinect in the future.

darthv722895d ago

funny vid though from back in the day.

morkendo232895d ago

and right into the city DUMPSTER
save your kids from this TRAVESTY

Moentjers2895d ago

Damned, I'm missing all these exclusives on my PS3 !

harrysmith2895d ago

I don't want to be the 'CONTROLLER' :-(

MachinaMaw2895d ago

Then without further ado, I present to you the Playstation Move!

Did I mention it has buttons?

lowcarb2895d ago

Nobody is forcing you to buy it. :P

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