Move Developer Stresses The Importance Of Buttons, Calls Kinect Into Question

Can motion gaming really work without some form of physical device to hold your hand? For the Wii, there’s the Nunchuk, and obviously you hold the PS Move in your hand with the camera being the Eye Toy.

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fight4love2734d ago

with kinect the controls are extremely limited and i dont see a way to get around that.

Vip3r2734d ago

MS are going to learn the hard way about needing buttons. There is only so much you can do with flailing arms.

frostyhat1232734d ago

Kinect is for the causal, not the hardcore. Get that through your head.

despair2734d ago

why is it that people expect casual games to be shovelware, I mean there can be such a thing like good casual games, its just that developers don't like to spend the time on them. That said even the so-called "casual" games on kinect look like crap.

PirateThom2734d ago

Peggle is a casual game.

I adore Peggle because it's casual, but also well made and fun.

Casual games do exist that are fun to play, it's shovelware that is the issue and that exists in casual and hardcore realms.

Vip3r2734d ago

Yeah because casuals like spending £130 on a camera...

Not to mention games console, games, live subscription etc.