9.0 F1 2010 Review writes: "Codemasters has successfully created a game that both of us are happy with - a game that has options and sliders to accommodate all types of player. Is this the best F1 game this generation? Without a doubt, and it's the biggest advancement the license has seen for a very long time."

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vTuro242590d ago

If it will keep getting scores like this I think I'm gonna buy it.

r0gueZA2590d ago

I do love VideoGamer reviews!

Si-Fly2590d ago

Good score, my copy should be with me tomo morning thanks to some guy on eBay willing to send it early, can't wait!

Ve3tro2590d ago

Does the guy have anymore?

Si-Fly2590d ago

No he had 2 copies, both gone within 2 hours of listing them, sorry mate!