Kinect too slow to capture high speed movements indicates Dr

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Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2869d ago

"kinect too slow to work"

gd 2 no

redDevil872869d ago

you need to bullet time to play a game.

dragonyght2869d ago

could not even detect the twin karate chopping in harry porter kinect demo let along boxing

Nihilism2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

But a gamepad is also too slow to replicate fast movements in games anyway....soooo what is the point of this complaint.

Besides that...console games run at 30 frames...again yet another hurdle in reflecting any realistic movements. If anything this flaw is only on par with other console limitations.


I don't know how fast pseye is, nor do I care, I am not picking a 'team'. I just think something as pathetic as this is not worth debating.

I would be more concerned with the fact that 99.99999999% of all console games dip into the 20 frame region during gameplay rather than the input lag...

Like I said, controllers lag, having lagging controls are something console owners are used to, no big deal.

RedDragan2869d ago

Even so, I thought the Playstation Eye was 120FPS, perhaps 60FPS? I know it is over 30FPS because this came from people who got it working on PCs and noted how fast the capture was.

madpuppy2869d ago

that the PS eye for the PS3 was designed to capture at minimum 60 fps.

SexyPrawns2869d ago

Too slow to replicate? What?!?

When you hit a button, the action is performed on-screen 22 milliseconds later. The "fast movement" depends on what the developers make the character do. I'd say Ryu Habusa would disagree with you.

I don't understand what you're getting it. Kinect can't track movements that are too fast. A controller doesn't track movements. It's directly fed into the game.

Nihilism2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

You realise controllers have input lag too, and they are also not very responsive in general. eg: you need to hold the joystick all the way to the side for an entire second to turn around, something that could be done in 5ms an 5mm movement with a mouse.

Kinect is laggy, gamepads are laggy= no big deal.

TotalPS3Fanboy2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

You're confusing Kinect's lag with Kinect's inability to capture high speed movements.

They're different.

Controller and Kinect both have lag.
However, controller can capture gamer inputs at very high speed while Kinect can not capture gamer movements at very high speed (because Kinect is too slow, the motion becomes a blurr at very high speed and Kinect have a hard time deciphering that).

You can press a button as fast as humanly possible many times in a row and the controller will be able to register them all. Try punching as fast as humanly possible and Kinect will not be able to see it anymore.

SexyPrawns2869d ago

The human eye sees at 22 milliseconds.

Controller LAG looks like 1:1 to the human eye.

Do you understand that?

If the developers wanted to give you to ability to turn around in 22 milliseconds...they could. That intentional LAG is there for realism. A human being takes a second to turn around.

kneon2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

This is not about input lag, that's been talked about to death, we already know kinect will have some lag, as does every control method available.

What they are talking about here is that Kinect can completely miss quick movements. Since the only way for Kinect to detect movement is via the camera then if you move too quickly for the 30fps capture rate then that movement will be missed or interpreted incorrectly.

For Kinect to work well they really needed 60 or even 120fps. But doubling or quadrupling the data flow into the console would probably be too much to process without greatly impacting the compute resources available for the game.

insomnium2869d ago

People people. It's dchalfont. Give it a rest already. He is too far above us to hear you. Your sound is like a bug screeming at him. There is NO WAY to get him to listen no matter what you say and what you back your claims up with.

artsaber2869d ago

Which takes us back to the original problem of Microsoft removing the processor from the Kinect device itself. Kinect went from the oh-so-close-to-Minority Report awesome motion controlling device in games to a cheap Datel-like USB peripheral. But bots will still buy it like the 2nd coming, at least their mothers will.

Jdoki2869d ago


I agree with you... and maybe they could have gone with a faster capture rate if they had left the CPU in Kinect????

lonix2868d ago

the problem is that if you swing a punch at the air it may be too quick for the camera to pick up

so you would have to throw deliberately slow punches

Nihilism2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

"The human eye sees at 22 milliseconds"

That is the dumbest thing i've ever read.

A game that is 60 frames has 1 frame every 16.6666 ms.

The human eye can detect frames well in excess of 200frames per second. Meaning the human eye can detect 1-2ms variants.

You pseudo scientific fanboys are an embarrasment.

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