PS3 Homebrew: Dreamcast Emulator, is up and running!

"Currently, he is running on a debug PS3 because of its remote debugging, but the code will also work on retail PS3. Below is the log file for the curious, being a porter!"

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cossie1232816d ago

holy shit this is great

GWAVE2816d ago

Epic! If PS3 emulating/homebrewing takes off, I wonder if it would be able to run all systems from previous gens.

ndibu2816d ago

But but but its not a real hack. Lol. All you need now is a calculator

ZombieAutopsy2816d ago

You also need firmware 3.41, just sayin.

ZombieAutopsy2816d ago

Here's hoping this will push SEGA to release more games on PSN/XBLA (Shenmue!!!).

saint_john_paul_ii2816d ago

funny how this happens on 9/9/2010 .....

ZombieAutopsy2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

I don't get it? I think the PS1 launched in America 15 years ago today but i don't see a dreamcast relation.

EDIT:Ohh, lol I did not know that.

strotee2816d ago

I'm guessing because the Dreamcast was released on 9/9/1999.

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