IGN Latest Aussie Game Charts

It's dollartastic! What's selling well this week Australia? Guitar Hero enters the 1980s this week with the release of the first significant disc-based expansion on PS2. It shot to number 2 on the charts, behind Mario Party 8 - which is going off like a bottle rocket.

On 360, FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage also debuted strongly in fourth position and Pokemon Diamond is making a killing on DS. Expect more varied and interesting titles to start cropping up as the Christmas season starts its long-lead approach.

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Bigmac5734062d ago

Motorstorm #3 Overall in Australia, huh? Impressive.

unsunghero284062d ago

Nintendo is cleaning up with Mario Party 8...

I mean, I know it's not a very good game, but how many GameCube Mario Parties made it to the top of the charts?!