Kinect price could drop next year - Codemasters

Microsoft will successfully sell its manufacturing limit of Kinect this year - but may consider a price reduction in 2011.

That's according to Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens, who told CVG today that Microsoft's decision to go with a £129.99 price point for the solus peripheral wouldn't halt the firm's success in Q4.

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Yi-Long2920d ago

... if no-one's gonna buy it for the current ridiculous price, it will kinda have to, won't it!?

T9X692920d ago

Who's no one? Amazon will disagree with you in a heartbeat, and that is just Amazon. Sure it would sell MUCH more at a lower price, but right now people seem to think $150 is okay judging by pre-orders. Its a pass for me until I see some games I will actually play.

Yi-Long2920d ago

... for every 1 person that says to be interested and is even willing to buy it for 150 bucks, there are 25 people who are laughing their ass off at the product, at the pricing, at the lack of interesting software, and at the idiots who are hopping on board of the hype-train...

Yeah, Dance Central and the fitness stuff COULD be great if it all works as advertised, so it will probably attract attention from the female tween crowd... but that's pretty much it.

Ah well, we'll wait for the reviews and we'll see how it does. From the hand-on reports we've gotten so far, from people who have tried it out, it all doesn't seem to work as well as you'd hope.

Believe it or not, I would like Kinect to be a succes, cause that just means the lifespan of the 360 will probably increase with 1-2 years. However, at this price, I don't see many people picking it up, not to mention the lack of interesting software.

Games4M - Rob2920d ago

how many of those pre-orders were placed before they announced the price ? How many will cancel now that they know the price ?

Who knows, which is why its a bit of a crap figure to base anything on.

Johnny_Bravo2920d ago

To be fair, Kinect pre-order price was set at $150. If you pre-ordered it, you planned to at least pay $150.

wicked2919d ago

Still rising on Amazon US #8 & UK it's #1

njr2919d ago

Yes, but this isn't next year.

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RememberThe3572920d ago

150 is a little steep. Frankly I don't know how either Sony or MS think they have break into the Wii market if they price themselves out of it.

I understand Sony relying on the hardcore fans to pick up Move the way they bought the PS3 at lunch but Sony has the software support with Socom, Heavy Rain, Resident Evil, etc.

I'm not sure how MS thinks their hardcore fans would like Kinect especially with the software they are offering. I think they definitely have a harder sell on their hands.

wicked2919d ago

I don't think it's aimed at hardcore, I think you are missing the point with Kinect. Hardcore gamers already have an Xbox they are after the non gamers.

Ju2919d ago

This will be interesting to see. I think both companies are taking a gamble here. MS with their naturally more aggressive strategy - all or nothing using their deep pockets (dev and marketing costs), while Sony is more conservative.

Kinect directly targets the typical Wii gamers. That is, just the casuals. Taking the pre-order numbers it seems to work for MS. But I am not sure if this really takes away from the Wii. I think those numbers are largely a result of the current customer base. The question will be, would the same people interested in a new console buy a Wii or a Kinect ?

While for Sony, I see no real change in their strategy. They go with the most expensive product, and the top market segment; that is for people who can afford to spend more but want more features. Those people might not even take a look at the Wii; their primary idea is not the Wii casual gaming portfolio. To directly compete with the Wii, Sony needs a $200 machine; which they simply can't build (would require a HDD less PS3).

None the less, some ideas from the Wii would be nice to have. The only way to do that right now is to get a Wii. For me, Move is good enough to just satisfy this part of my casual needs - and keeps me from getting a Wii.

Some Kinect ideas look interesting, but I got an PSEye. Sure, Kinect is more sophisticated, but it's still the same kind of games. Where Kinect might be interesting is the whole fitness market. I see real potential there.

Anyway, eventually it doesn't really matter how many of those devises they sell. It will depend how much SW can actually be sold for each specific market to attract the developers. I have a hard time to see, how a Kinect market can reach anything close to Wii numbers (in SW sales).

Move has an advantage because it can be made optional to a wide range of games. With that advantage, it might just be enough to let the PS3 version of a same game exceed the 360 version. It is not necessarily and instrument to win the Wii gamers, but catch up or exceed 360 SW sales - which is far more important than selling X amount HW units. And as a side effect, it allows Wii ports, cut into that market and create an additional casual market of its own.

Zir02920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

"Microsoft will successfully sell its manufacturing limit of Kinect this year"

I agree they will obviously sell everything they have.

Im surprised how well the UK is taking the price though on Amazon its already no.1 overall and the mover and shakers chart is just...... wow

Wizziokid2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

dam that's actually doing well along with the games, we are all doomed :|

EDIT: it's currently (at point of post) only 14th on which isn't bad.

Wizziokid2920d ago

it better for MS sake, it all depends on how many people buy it this holiday really, if the sales are good they won't consider a price cut early on but £130 is waaaaaaaaaaaay to expensive, lets hope people have sense.

J-Smith2920d ago

no one is going to do a Wii sorry

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