PCSX2 0.9.7 beta released (Ps2 Emulator)

"After more than a year since the last stable 0.9.6 release and 8 months since the last beta release of PCSX2, the new beta version is finally ready! The most notable change is the all new GUI powered by wxWidgets, but the amount of improvements in this release is really amazing"

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eggbert2828d ago

Back when I was using it, it was in it's early days, and pretty much any game that you put in suffered from some notable lag (note, it wasn't because of PC requirements, I got a dual core 2.8 Ghz processor and an nvidia 8800 GT).

I remember trying to play Dynasty Warriors 4 on my PC, and the game worked fine, but the character models were all messed up. Lu Bu's eyes were like 2 feet in front of his face, and there was a lot of clipping problems.

Can anyone vouch on how good this version works? ATM my video card is dead, so I definitely can't run it effectively.

Noctis Aftermath2828d ago

I haven't used it but just by reading the forums you will find out how well it runs, from what i read it runs really good for alot of games.

Conloles2828d ago

Its pretty easy to run nowadays.

Elite_7372828d ago

I wouldn't recommend this version right now. Its in beta form and there is LOTS of bugs. Just DL 9.6 with the latest plugins and it should run fine. Judging by your specs, you shouldn't have to much of a problem running games with speed hacks on.

SaiyanFury2828d ago

I'm interested in it, but the earlier versions didn't work so well. I'm running a Core 2 Quad at 3.25GHz, and a GTX 285 video card. Can anyone vouch for performance? I'd love to emulate PS2 on my PC. Heck, The Sega Saturn emulator SSF runs very well on here, I'd love input for this one.

Basjohn2828d ago

Most games run fantasticly on pcsx2 at this point and the recent developments have been nothing short of amazing.....HOWVER don't expect every game to go perfect without some technical fiddling. Many games require a HEAVY pc to run well (If you think your 2.6ghz dual core is good enough for everything - think again) and even then you'll often need to fiddle with speed hacks to get a perfect mix. Your best bet is to read the forums and see what complaints (and solutions) are for the specific game you're interested in before trying it.

Disagree with Elite though, 9.6 is HORRIBLE by comparison and you'd be missing out on so many speed improvements it would be ludicrous to even try that version at this point (unless you're happy playing only FFX properly).

All in all though I give major props to the pcsx2 team and once you see a game running at more than 4x the quality it ran on ps2 you probably will too.

iamtehpwn2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I ran Kingdom Hearts II and Final Fantasy X in Quad HD Resolutions at 60fps.

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champ212828d ago

Would be awesome playing GT3 in 1080. Probably will give this a try ;-)

MexicanAppleThief2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Try the original God Of War 1, Shadow Of The Colosuss and Kingdom Hearts 2. My personal picks :-)

kevnb2828d ago

since my ps2 and backwards compatible ps3 both died.

dirthurts2828d ago

Run games in higher resolution? Work with disks?

Theonik2828d ago

Yes and Yes although i would recommend making ISO copies of your games.
you will need a good rig as well.

jjesso19932828d ago

I still cant play god of war for some reason quad core 3.7ghz 5750 6gb ram. this why I got the remasterd when came out in the states.

mauleriscool2828d ago

I tried socom2, still only gets to the menus. They don't have a socom collection for me to buy yet.

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