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Bargain Bin Review - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patroits - Explicit Gamer

Explicit Gamer writes, "The story picks up with Solid Snake, now Old Snake due to an accelerated aging process that he is dealing with, searching for his brother, Liquid Snake, who is looking to take over the world through nanotechnology and PMCs. This is only the backbone of what can only be described as a full body of stories that is going on throughout the game. During your play through you will run into old favorites, Otacon, Meryl, Vamp, Raiden, the list goes on. Kojima made sure to pay fan service to all of the loyal followers of the Metal Gear series in Snake's final farewell." (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 9.0/10

Valay  +   1923d ago
Doesn't make sense for PS3 owners not to have this game.
DarkSpawnClone  +   1923d ago
i like the game but it moves to slow for me,i wish old man snake could move faster :P whicked game tho!!!! awesomeness!!! MGS FTW!!! truly one of the best games on ps3!
halocursed  +   1923d ago
Awesome graphix + Great gameplay + Fleshed out Storyline = MGS 4
Galaxia   1923d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
MechaGear  +   1923d ago
Get those trophies done. I'll wait for any replay till then.

Oh, and include MGO!!
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Tripl3seis  +   1923d ago
I beat the game twice that's how awesome this game is now some trophy support I would go baq to the game in a heart beat lol
NecrumSlavery  +   1923d ago
I love this series. This game was the definitive experience. Almost 3 years old and every game outside of Uncharted 2 and GOW3 have yet to touch it visually. Yes 360, with your "Rising" talk, you've yet to put anything out as amazing as this aging 10/10 game. :p

If you know a game, name it., then
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GamingForever  +   1923d ago
love the review and metal gear is awesome!
wissam  +   1923d ago
What was that ???????????????????
knightdarkbox  +   1923d ago
I sure did enjoy MGS4 since I've been a fan since 1, but best graphics ? Never. Every single act of the game is existant of ONE COLOR. Example, Desert: Brown. The base color is brown. Everything else in the act are different shades of brown.

Oh and Shadow Moses, LMAO. Base color Green/Blueish, and the rest different shades of that.
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NecrumSlavery  +   1923d ago
Deserts are brown idiot. It's the severe attention to detail. The fluid motion of characters and how everything looks so fcking visually stunning.
RememberThe357  +   1923d ago
What does that have to do with how good the game is. Would you have liked a purple level, or maybe a pink one?

This entire planet is made up of shade of blue, green, and brown, the exact colors you just mentioned.
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TheAwesomessMan  +   1923d ago
I think he wanted a rainbow of colors. You want some purple blood with that, too lol smh
Kos-Mos  +   1923d ago
So graphics is all about color? Try thinking outside the box; i.e. graphics resemble vision, what you can see. What more than colors do you see in a game?
Razmossis  +   1923d ago
MGS4 in my opinion is still the best looking game on PS3, although it has framerate issues and jaggies, and may not be as technically aaccomplished as Uncharted.. everything in it looks RIGHT, especially the colour scheme. It also has the best snow of the generation, the Shadow Moses level still majorly impresses to this day
wissam  +   1923d ago
I doubt you even touched the game.
dizzleK  +   1923d ago
i'm a sony die-hard but mgs4 is totally overrated. the story is absolute bullshit, kojima needs to stop being so in love with himself. 30-90 minute cutscenes are inexcusable, all that time spent to say absolutely nothing. sometimes less is more. i like the gameplay but the rest is effing nonsense.

i'm sure i'll get "well, you just didn't understand the story". i've read the dune series, i've read a song of ice and fire, i can understand complex narrative just fine....but not when it's nonsensical drivel. the kojima fanboyism runs too strong for anyone to admit that the emperor has no clothes.
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TheAwesomessMan  +   1923d ago
You have been labeled a 360 fanboy. That is all.
Greysturm  +   1923d ago
Oh my gosh...
I read some books and since it doesnt fit my criteria i got the right to say everyone is wrong and i am right. = Pseudo Intelectual Fanboy 101

The story is childish in some of its elements and profound in others but just because you didnt like the medium and form its delivered it doesnt devaluate its quality, your argument is as ridicolous as saying that a film was better than a book because they kept skipping to the good action parts and cut all the dialogue and character development.
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OutgoingSquall  +   1923d ago
My first ps3 game and what a game exceeded my expectations.
TheAwesomessMan  +   1923d ago
MGS4 is clearly a great game one whose story I still say is the best of the best. Greatest game of all time.

Smh at the people who say it's overrated and you can't say you a sony fan and dislike MGS4 that's... hypocritical.

Also, back to it being overrated.. yes MGS4 is overrated! With it's awesome story, great graphics, cool gameplay, and awesome cut scenes it truly is overrated and the fact that it is selling 5 mil + clearly shows it should have received a lower score, in deed.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1923d ago
One of the best games in this generation.

No game is near as the emotion and impact from the start to the ending like MGS4.
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NecrumSlavery  +   1923d ago
Except Heavy Rain of course..
Kos-Mos  +   1923d ago
Ohno, you did not mention heavy rain did you? Heavy rain was OK, and just ok. At times it felt like I was watching a movie with ms.Streisand.
But everyone is allowed to have opinions of course even when facts excist.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1923d ago
Ok, MGS4 and Heavy Rain, period.
Half-Mafia  +   1923d ago
it took this site 2+ years to get around to reviews MGS4. ill look forward to ur review of Red Dead in 2012 :D
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Merritt201052   1923d ago | Spam
Dellis  +   1923d ago
MGS4 setup is dumb, all of those installing and reinstalling

crap with snake smoking ruined the pace of the game
ThdeGreatestOne  +   1923d ago
Man, I was glad for those reinstalls and installing etc. etc. especially after Act 3 (which I think was in Eastern Europe), damn did I need a breather and some time to digest everything epic that concluded Act 3 that I saw.
Galaxia  +   1923d ago
@ Greysturm
I wasn't trolling. People are idiots if they report different opinions as trolling.

I didn't give examples because there are no spoiler tags on this site, I didn't want to list a bunch of plot points and ruin it for people. But anyone who's played it should know what I was talking about anyways.

*Massive Spoilers Below*

Yes 2 was a lot like 1, maybe a bit to much like it for my liking. But the difference is that the majority of the cast in MGS2 was new, and wasn't present in MGS1. So it still felt fresh even though it was similar. In MGS4 the only new characters were Sunny, Drebin, and the beasts which were named for MGS1 characters anyways. So we really didn't get to meet many new and interesting characters which had been such a delight in previous games. Add the fact that many of the returning cast were definitely not as memorable or likable as their first appearances, some I'd even call ruined, plus the massive amount of throw backs and it just went to far.

I'll list a few moments that irked me or I thought went to far.

A whole segment of act 3 was just MGS3's ending chase scene in HD. You are Snake, in a motorcycle side car while Eva drives. Same thing, they even crash in the very same way at the end. Wouldn't it have been better if Kojima came up with an entirely new idea for a chase scene? Instead of devoting an entire section of the game to a semi remake of MGS3 that wasn't anywhere nearly as cool without the Shagohod.

What about that part where Psycho Mantis magically appears? It's been a while since I played it, but I can't remember any explanation for him being there in the game other than fan service.

The whole revelation scene with Eva, where we find out Para-Medic constructed Grey Fox as was Dr.Clark (Naomi said Clark was a male, proof Kojima never planned this to be, and just came up with in while writing 4 for shocking plot twist value alone), Major Zero is the head of the Patriots and hates snake, and Sigint was the Darpa Chief biulding Metal Gears, and Ocelot was actually the good guy all along, really pissed me off. It ruined almost all the cast of MGS3 for me, which had been my favorite MG cast so far. Just for a moment pretend you haven't played MGS4, but finished MGS3 for the first time. Now someone says to you, "You know that sweet girl Para? Wouldn't it be cool if she started torturing people, that would fit great with her current character profile, wouldn't it? Oh and wouldn't it be awesome if Zero the 007 fanatic, has maniacal plans to take over the world and subdue his best mate who's the greatest soldier in history because they have difference of opinions" Would you really say that's a fantastic super awesome idea that's worth a 10/10? Or would you say that's the stupidest most nonsensical plot twist of all time? Now I also understand that revealing the patriot leaders to be new characters whom we have never seen before might have been a let down too, but Kojima should have planned ahead for this if he wanted a game with a plot this complex (JK Rowling planned ahead all the way to HP7 when she was writing HP2, The X Files brilliantly placed Cigarette Smoking man in the background of some season 1 episodes, (Then flashbacked them later on) before we even knew he was going to be a major figure), he can't just butcher characters because of his own planning mistakes and because he wanted the series to be finished immediately (but then changed his mind pretty quick unveiling Rising and PW).

Also Raiden. Raiden is a prime example of a dues ex machina, and one of the worst I've seen as well. Always popping out of nowhere to save the day performing inhuman feats of strength. It was just bad writing and planning.

I want to continue but am out of space.
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GUCommander  +   1923d ago
lol. calm down man. Everyone is entitled their opinion. That include you and the people that thought you were trolling.
Greysturm  +   1923d ago
I didnt state you were trolling just saying it could be a possibility in this site you never know thats why i wrote "In case your not".

Again you cannot close a story by introducing a whole slate of new characters it had to focus on the already established ones and bring their individual stories and development to a close or reveal entire new sides to them. I would understand the point if there was to be a continuity but at least for now thats the final story of the solid snake saga and as such it had to had a mayority recurring cast.

The chase in act 3 wasnt driven by nostalgia factor but rather as a definition of Eva´s as a character. In 4 she is introduced as a motherly character but the chase scene is meant to show that she still was the same person as the one 50 years ago meaning that time and conflict hadnt changed her completely. From a gameplay standpoint i would have to agree that it wasnt anything new but 4 is subjugated to storyline not gameplay. So in my perspective ithink they werent going for cool Re-shagohod fight.

About psycho mantis i agree, it was mostly fan service with the whole memory card reader and rumble thing but it had been done MGS2 with the raven action figure and in MGS3 with "Raikov". I personally felt that the subplot reflected more on the sorrow than psycho mantis as it was a more "ghostly" than psychic in nature, hes presence was explained as possesing screaming mantis to fight snake once again if i am not mistaken but the sorrows presence was never fully explained either in 3 so i guess its a throwback to that.

I would like to comment on Dr. Clark but i dont remember every line of dialogue in MGS1 but if i remember correctly the only person that refered to her as a "he" was Naomi whose credibility in mgs1 is to be doubted as she covered up the incident involving "his/her" death. but your probably right i dont think the whole script was written by mgs1 but you can see the relation in 3 and 4 where the lack of real names and other innuendo are proof of forethought. I wouldnt describe the sequel as you did because your reducing it to absurdity i would word it something like this. "Imagine 40 years into the future where your friends have done despicable things with their expertise to stay true to their ideals, and a man you considred harmless and a good friend will betray you to safeguard his vision of the future, in which you once believed but lost faith in." As the popular saying goes "They are not the same thing, the three musketeers and 30 years later."

I believe you have a wrong concept Deus Ex Machina since the internal logic of the metal gear solid universe satisfies most of his actions with the exception of the dramaticly inclined thunder strikes at the end. Deus ex machina would require him to provide an outside the box solution for something but since he was planted in act 2 and his abilities steming from the previously presented "Cyborg Ninjas" he doesnt fulfill the requirment the only deux ex machinas in MGS4 are Vamp´s Nanomachines and the dramatic thunder strikes.

If you want to carry on this debate send me a personal message where you dont need to worry about space.
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KongRudi  +   1923d ago
MGS4 were my first entry to the franchise..
It were awesome, wish I had discovered it earlier.
squelchy15  +   1923d ago
MGS 4 is the best experience I've had on the PS3. even better than U2 and KZ2


Graphics aside, it still doesn't come close to the first MGS!!
mricecreamman  +   1923d ago
i love it after several years...mgs4 still is talked about and getting reviews still. as for the people does not own it, well i say your an idiot. it's one of the best if not the best game series EVER created!
Homicide  +   1923d ago
I found MGS4 to be the most disappointing/worst game in the series. The drebin points made the game a whole lot easier, and didn't force you to conserve ammo. The B&B corps didn't have any personality, and you get to know their background after they die. Also, the boss fights were just rehashes of previous boss battles in the series, but I did enjoy the last fight & *SPOILERS* Ray v Rex. *SPOILERS*

MGS3 = MGS1 > MGS2 > MGS4

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