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Explicit Gamer writes, "The story picks up with Solid Snake, now Old Snake due to an accelerated aging process that he is dealing with, searching for his brother, Liquid Snake, who is looking to take over the world through nanotechnology and PMCs. This is only the backbone of what can only be described as a full body of stories that is going on throughout the game. During your play through you will run into old favorites, Otacon, Meryl, Vamp, Raiden, the list goes on. Kojima made sure to pay fan service to all of the loyal followers of the Metal Gear series in Snake's final farewell."

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Valay2795d ago

Doesn't make sense for PS3 owners not to have this game.

DarkSpawnClone2795d ago

i like the game but it moves to slow for me,i wish old man snake could move faster :P whicked game tho!!!! awesomeness!!! MGS FTW!!! truly one of the best games on ps3!

halocursed2795d ago

Awesome graphix + Great gameplay + Fleshed out Storyline = MGS 4

Galaxia2795d ago ShowReplies(6)
MechaGear2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Get those trophies done. I'll wait for any replay till then.

Oh, and include MGO!!

Tripl3seis2795d ago

I beat the game twice that's how awesome this game is now some trophy support I would go baq to the game in a heart beat lol

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The story is too old to be commented.