10° Brink Preview

Out of all four games being presented throughout this event, Brink is probably the best known. has already been treated to several game play videos as well as CGI trailers and its style is also well-known. On this occasion we were treated to some never-before-seen game play utilising the MP aspect of the game, which can be offline or online.

Brink looks set to become a pioneering FPS if it can pull off all of its features – and judging by what was demonstrated, it shouldn’t have any problem doing that. With drop-in and out for up to 7 players, it’s also set to become a massively co-operative game.

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Drebin 9282814d ago

If they do a good job with ironing out the bugs and taking care of AA on ps3, I'll definitely check it out. I'm loving the super detailed, Team Fortress inspired, look.

mcslick1012814d ago

I love the concept and the TF style select a class and so many improvements have been made to id tech 4, I love the lighting in this game, there's hardly any analogy to the original id tech 4. Good job, Splash Damage.