Splinter Cell: Conviction goes Gold, new Developer Diary released

The Lost Gamer writes "Ubisoft have today announced that the much anticipated Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction has finally gone gold for Xbox 360, ensuring that the game is now definately on course to meet its scheduled release date of April 16th within the UK."

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bats2213160d ago

Meh. Wasn't a big fan of the demo to be honest.

Mildrop3160d ago

yeah seems to have had mixed responses

3160d ago
BeaArthur3160d ago

Al Bundy...I'm going to go out on a limb and say you don't even own an Xbox. Every time I see you in a forum you are stealth trolling or displaying your Sony fanboyism. I'm not going to tell you not to contribute to the conversation but enough dude, it's old.

I liked the demo. It's not Splinter Cell as we all know it but it seems like it may offer more options for taking out enemies. I'll definitely be picking it up day 1.

IdleLeeSiuLung3160d ago

I pre-ordered the limited edition and really looking forward to this game.

The haters can go play something else instead of spreading their unfounded negativity!

lowcarb3160d ago

The demo was great and showed off a really nice cover system. From the little 10 minute (action/stealth)gameplay provided I have a lot of faith in this being the best Splinter Cell ever.

3160d ago
Natsu X FairyTail3160d ago

Al bundy dude shut up already.

on Topic.

The demo wasnt the best demo I've played in my life but I enjoyed it alot. I'll be buying it that's for sure.

BeaArthur3160d ago

Al Bundy...You are some guy (or little kid) that I roll my eyes at when I read your posts, you are too sad to be able to even offend me let alone hurt my feelings. I was just trying to help you out by letting you know how pathetic your stealth trolling is. Take the advise, leave it or shove it up your...I don't care what you do with it.

Convas3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Ha Ha, Poor Al Bundy doesn't get enough attention at Dweebsville High, so he makes up for that by giving us his lofty opinions on things that we'd rather not hear from him about. It's cool Bundy, one day, you'll find true happiness. Till then, you're entitled to your opinion.

On Topic

I've yet to play this demo, but my Older brother is a Splinter Cell fanatic and has this game on preorder. He lives in another state, and we don't really have each other's taste in games, with the exception of Halo. So I'll be picking this up so we can do the Co-Op like we did in ODST.

(I've never been a big fan of the Splinter Cell Franchise or Tom Clancy for that matter.)

ape0073160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

it's an amazing refreshment to SC, it has more action but at the same, it has deep stealth, the demo can be played in countless styles ,also the game has a satisfying dark and violent feel to it, Sam is a [email protected]

the thing that disappoint me a bit was the gfx wasn't as good as I expected it to be, I hope it's an old build

and Al Bundy, man chill, you n4g sony fanboys always love claiming that you played it and all you played was MEH, weak

no need to turning on your pc, clicking on n4g, clicking on the article, spread your crap all over, stop man, we know you are lying and you know it...

you guys hate everything except ps3 exclusives, you hate 90% of multiplats, except if it has ps3 content, built or advertised on ps3 or have exclusive beta (Bad Company 2)

For crying out loud....

DelbertGrady3160d ago

I agree with you. Loved the demo as well. Unlike you I thought the graphics and especially the lighting looked awesome but found the voice-overs to be really bad.

Bnet3433160d ago

I don't think Microsoft would pay Ubisoft to make Splinter Cell "Xbox friendly". The series has been the best on Xbox since the very beginning, why would anything change.

hoops3160d ago

You don't even own a Xbox360...moreover even if you do, any article about Xbox360 games you bash. All of them. You're a patehtic fanboy for Sony.

i3eyond the Circle3160d ago

How could you "love" that demo.

Can we be serious for chance.

The demo had horrible screen tearing and the A.I. was as intelligent as a redneck baby shower.

If the final version represents it..sorry I'm NOT buying it.

Bigpappy3159d ago

I when through the front door and picked up ever gun fought head on. When I replayed and came around the back, through the window, I played more stealth and never picked up a weapon. I used my pistol and found that I was the same old Sam Fisher. I never played SC with guns blazing.

aaron58293159d ago

"Bungie" "POG" etc..

on topic...

Cant wait to play this game... i didnt play the demo.. but i know its gonna be a great game... :)

Inside_out3159d ago

Those who have or have not seen the demo, Ubisoft has released a demo walk through...scene it at Gamersyde website....AMAZING...1 is stealth the other is assault...Check it out...

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Zero 0073160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Who cares? 576 or 720 i dont care at all
splinter cell conviction graphix alot better than Heavy rain lool
splinter cell 576p >> Heavy rain 720p

edit : i played the demo on XBL maybe more than 12 times i swear best splinter cell ever ... i can't wait for full game

AliTheBrit193160d ago

If you actually had any sense in your head you would know that it was an analyse of a few select low res textures that where 576p - Every single game ever made has varying resolutions for difference textures.

The game looks fantastic.

Silentmerc3nary3160d ago

W00t. Gonna be so good. Will be the best game in April! The only game in april, come to think of it. lol

bacrec13160d ago

Super Street Fighter 4 Sir.

Seedhouse3160d ago

Splinter Cell Conviction > SSFIV, even though I'm still a big fan :P Have been waiting this far too long now

SpoonyRedMage3160d ago

Monster Hunter Tri(and Rune Factory: Frontier for EU)


Socomer 19793160d ago

More like splinter cell conviction has gone all pixelated, jaggy & even more boring.

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