PS3 Vs Xbox 360: Loading & Booting Vegas

Comparison of the boot times of Rainbox 6 Vegas. According to author, "While the Xbox 360 appears to load first, and technically it does, the actual loading times appear to be faster on the PS3 considering the PhysX screen and the Warning Screen.".

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nextgengaming184154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

This has to be the best comparision ever. At least the funniest

Also Known As4154d ago

360 owner and fan here and yes the 360 wins but this is no big deal

nextgengaming184154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

I'm so amazed that this type of news (which isn't even news) has already is at 100.

rain19714153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

I`m from the uk and when my buddy in new york starts his R6 game and I start mine, he`s always starts 6 1/2 hours before mine!!! No fare.

Seriously though, some games take years to make, take millions of pounds to produce, with teams of up to a hundred or more, they are manufactured in there millions in high tech sterial factories, they are flown in there thousands around the globe, they are transport by land, sea and air to a shop that is close to you. At home your consoles sweat blood to bring you 5.1, HD, rich stories, atmosphere.

So I say, on bended knee, give the GAMES a break!

MaximusPrime4154d ago

got to be fake. someone inserted that black gap. it never happens on my console. it is equal the time.

power of Green 4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

WTF is this?. Either way what does it matter. PS3 beat xbox, xbox beat PS3.

Weed4153d ago

This is a stupid comparison.

Kokoro4154d ago

please no one approve of this. They lead to nowhere in term of convo.