New Capcom 2D fighter for Wii?

Capcom are set to unveil an original 2D fighter at some point today, according to a trailer, possibly for Wii.

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PS360WII4180d ago

ah-ha very cool. 2D fighters are pretty sweet when done right.

donscrillinger4180d ago

i want to know what this is

Naruto4180d ago

how do they know it's going to be for the wii?

MK_Red4180d ago

Its good to know that a new 2D fighter is in works. Hope its a good addictive one.

ItsDubC4180d ago

lol, that was the most unsatisfying teaser I've ever seen. I'm definitely more excited than usual about this game, given the amount of fuel Capcom has fed into its hype machine already.

"No mention has been made of specific platforms, but come on - surely Wii is perfect for a 2D fighter: as long as they don't balls it up with motion controls, of course."

I think it's too early to even speculate what console this is coming to. It could be a handheld title for all we know.

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