20° Review: MAG

It's become a truism that the gaming market continues to be saturated with first person shooters. Somehow gamers continue to eat them up, with each game vying to distinguish it from the ho-hum run n' gun. MAG, from developer Zipper Interactive, proclaims a 256 player on-line only field. Is this merely another gimmick, or a legitimate progression in what is otherwise a tired genre?

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3053d ago

CoD have wrapped up so much of the shooter market. MAG won't get the sales and support it deserves. Hopefully all the SOCOM fans will forget about Confrontation and realize that MAG is the true next gen SOCOM from Zipper.

edwineverready3053d ago

I already persuaded 3 friends to get it. i think it will sell more then 1 million in the end and that is not bad for a new ip.

GrabthroatShinkicker3053d ago

it already sold a half-million, apparently, and it hasn't been out for all that long.

SIX3053d ago

Went back to MW2 and yeah.......MW2 sucks.

raztad3053d ago

Are you RAVEN?

My clan is recruiting. PM me if interested. A MIC is important but not essential, to follow orders is a critical requirement.

SIX3053d ago

SVER. Going Raven on my second run.