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Submitted by kratos123 2196d ago | news

Level 5 Working on unannounced PS3 & Wii title

At an event for prospective employees in Tokyo, Level 5 president Akihiro Hino revealed that his company was working on two previously unannounced projects for PlayStation 3 and Wii. (PS3, Wii)

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TheHater  +   2196d ago
Well we know its not WKC2
That has already been announce and it expected to release this year in Japan. Hopefully they don't take a year+ to release it in the States this time. I really hope it is release in Spring of Next year outside of Japan.
zeeshan  +   2196d ago
IMHO Level 5 => SE. So this is great news!
hay  +   2196d ago
I'd piss my pants if it was The Another World for PS3.
Chris399  +   2196d ago
Hopefully the Western hate for WKC won't stop SCE from publishing the sequels (it's a trilogy) over here.
As long as it sells enough in NA that shouldn't be the case. And for the love of God, localize and release the game in a more timely manner. I've stated this before, but WKC would have been more favorably reviewed if it wasn't wedged between Mass Effect 2 and Final Fantasy XIII. Last year during the summer drought would have been an ideal window.
Hisiru  +   2196d ago
If it's Level 5 you know that we will have a good game.
gaffyh  +   2196d ago
If this is Jeanne D'Arc 2 I'd be ecstatic. The first one was by far the best handheld game I've played.
Fox01  +   2196d ago
Lets hope it's as good as White Knight Chronicles.
Fox01  +   2196d ago
"IMHO Level 5 => SE."

Not this again...

Can you tell us why?
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xTruthx  +   2196d ago
Have been enjoying WKC with my friends lately, there r room from improvements in the game but I'm enjoying it a lot so far. Don't see how it got so bad reviews tho.
The Great Melon  +   2196d ago

I don't think we'll see another Jeanne D'Arc considering the story; however, I would love for them to produce another srpg in the style of Jeanne D'Arc. There is plenty of history out there that you can embellish with mythical creatures, magic, and anime. Jeanne D'Arc was my first srpg and I have been trying to find another game that will meet my high expectations in the genre.
SL1M DADDY  +   2196d ago
@ xTruthx
It was given bad reviews because most of the reviews were done by those that spent only a couple hours in the single player game and never really examined the online portion of the title. In the end, the game is more for the online and less about playing off line.
tetsuhana  +   2196d ago
Because SE hasn't made a good game since 2001.
KozmoOchez  +   2196d ago
@The Great Melon
play final fantasy tactics, as it is better than Jeanne D' Arc IMO...just doesnt look as good. The battle system is pretty much the same exact thing except they are random and you have a chance for rare battles
Deeloc  +   2196d ago
sony should buy level5
gaffyh  +   2196d ago
@1.9 - Yeah, that's the only problem, I'm sure they could make up a story if they wanted to though :)

@1.12 - I hate SRPGs (tried Disgaea and FF Tactics), Jeanne D'Arc is the only one I actually liked, and not only liked, but I think it is one of the best PSP games (top 5) I've played.
Noctis Aftermath  +   2196d ago
@gaffyh: you tried Valkyria Chronicles on ps3? it's a great SRPG.
CimmerianDrake  +   2196d ago
It needs to be...
Dark Cloud 3. Pure and simple. Either that, or Rogue Galaxy 2.
TotalPS3Fanboy  +   2196d ago
I am saying it's Dark Cloud 3,
the next game in Sony's Play-Create-Share genre.

Play the game, Create towns, characters, monsters, items, missions, and Share them online.

A next gen create-your-own-rpg game.
Hakimy  +   2196d ago
Dark Cloud 3,plz!! and make it as great as DC2 :D
prettyboy1  +   2196d ago
i know
right dark cloud was 1 of my favorite rpgs of all time a next gen game would be more then welcomed to rpg lovers every where
TooTall19  +   2196d ago
Dark Cloud 3 would easily be my most anticipated game. The first 2 are my favorite RPGs, and online Co-op would make the levels to collect georama even better!
AKS  +   2196d ago
You read my mind. I'd love for one of the projects to be Dark Cloud 3.
-Alpha  +   2196d ago
By far one of the BEST RPG's I've played. Dark Cloud NEEDS TO COME TO THE PS3!

Come on Level 5, it's leagues ahead of WKC!
ps3hasonlyflopgames  +   2196d ago
level 5.1
another flop incoming like white flop knight.

danm you sony stop make flop games.
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Karooo  +   2196d ago
wkc is a 2 year old game
seriously do you have any idea about level 5 games? go back to halo stupid kid.
TheHater  +   2196d ago
ps3hasonlyflopgames 2.0
another flop incoming flop comment.

danm you ps3hasonlyflopgames stop make flop comments.
Karooo  +   2196d ago
man thats just crazy
ps3 games have been winning goty awards and best graphics and this guy makes a really idiotic username, ps3hasonlyflopgames yeah right.

level of trolling has really dropped nowadays.
N4PS3G  +   2196d ago

Since when is 1 year and 2 months = 2 year old game? Go back to school

Get over it...the game could have been new and it still would have sucked..even the old imported reviews were bad
Razgriz  +   2196d ago
According to metacritic and gamerankings no JRPG on X360 passed 80% mark anyway lol. Biggest flops are LR, IU and MC2. And PS3 got Disgaea 3, Valkyria Chronicles and Demon's Souls. Think harder, man.
Bodyboarder_VGamer  +   2196d ago
No matter how hard these guys try at the end they always get owned.
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Sigh  +   2196d ago
Since when is a 5 month old developed game like the flop that is Halo:OSTD a brand new game? It's halo 3 reskinned.
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hatchimatchi  +   2195d ago
I wouldn't consider it a flop until we see the sales figures. Besides, I bought the game and I'm absolutely loving it. I couldn't care less what reviewers say is and isn't good. All I can hope is that WKC sells enough in NA to warrant the sequel being released here. WKC has an audience, is it a big one? I'm not sure, the online community has been great so far though.

Besides, WKC is a jrpg game. It seems like nowadays reviewers are on a witch hunt when it comes to the jrpg genre. The majority of the jrpg fanbase is happy with age old game mechanics, most of us don't want drastic changes to the battle systems and the way the maps are laid out. It worked on the nes/snes and it still works on the ps3/360 it's just that non jrpg fans are reviewing these games and are bashing them because they prefer WRPG games and in most cases hate level grinding. I personally love level grinding, I find it to be extremely rewarding.

To each his own.
labwarrior  +   2196d ago
After a game looking and playing like WKC, i really can't say i am interested in the slightest about that game
I must see more and in fact scores first
devilhunterx  +   2196d ago
Have you ever played any other game other than Fable 1 and 2?
Bodyboarder_VGamer  +   2196d ago
This must be a joke. Seriously, I thought you were dead!

Labwarrior, the legendary troll! He's the only one that could top Nas!m from back in the day. That if really is him and not some noob using his name though... This guys it's so incredible that he kept trolling the first WKC stream in justintv in 2008 for an entire day. That's how devoted he is, so, don't take him that seriously. He have been banned from so many websites that he couldn't do any other thing that come to the PS3's Outer Heaven! aka N4G. =D
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Ether  +   2196d ago
Give me Dark Cloud 3, and I shall be complete.
SpoonyRedMage  +   2196d ago
Hmmm, A Wii game... I'm wondering if Level 5 will be developing DQX then. I thought they might have got Genius Sonority to do it.

Either way keep the good games coming.
Lirky  +   2196d ago
probably a dark cloud game for wii and ps3 just the wii version wont have the same name as the ps3 version. and it would use the wii engine and ps3 would use ps3 engine.
TheBand1t  +   2196d ago
What you said is an impossibility, since Sony owns the Dark Cloud IP.
Blackcanary  +   2196d ago
Dark Cloud 3
Back in like 2007 there was an news article from a french magazine stating that Level 5 was working on Dark Cloud 3. Bet you anyway it will be Dark Cloud 3.

After all the money they made from the 2nd one and the high scores it got there's noway they will not do a 3rd game.

When it comes to graphics like someone on here said keep it cell shaded like VC and DC2.

And if it continued with Max and Monica i would be happy or even better Max, Monica and Toran from the first game lol i'm a big Dark cloud fan.

It would be cool if they expand on the towns and add citys in the 3rd game, expand on the ability to customize and level up ur weapons by adding different materials, add armor to it and keep the function to be able to build things and take photo's, o and continue with the golf games that you could play in the dungeons.

Expand even more on the georoma town building system bloody make Dark cloud a full out mmorpg that would rock like crazy lol.

Being able to go the past and the future was fun would love it if they kept that in the 3rd one.

Have air ship fights, sky pirates, lol that would be mad crazy.

The story could be about Monica coming back to the present because her kingdom is under attack and she needs Max's crystal to unlock a power to allow them to fix's the fabric of time that is damage.

Why? because what they didn't notice is that all the time traveling they did in the 2nd game opened up holes in the fabric of time which brought back the Dark Cloud Genie thing from the first game. Which has now become a powerful dark shadow creature which kind send out its evil minions through the shadows to slowly destroy the heart and life of there world which is Monica if she dies the world will die to lol.

And at the same time when one of the holes in the fabric of time opened Toran and the cat girl and the female genie came through one of the holes to try and stop the the new Dark Cloud since they was the ones that defeated it before they feel like they are the only one's that can stop it once again.

These guys end up ruining into Max and Monica to help them and protect Monica so nothing bad happens to her.

Because like i said before if she dies or ends up getting hurt the world ends up becoming more damaged and infected by carouse.

Toran and the others tell there story about what happend to there world where the Dark Cloud came from.

How they tried to defeat and and thought they had destroyed it and how a Dark evil woman looking like an older version of Monica ended up using two strange Crystals to bring the dark cloud back to life same how put the Dark Cloud under her control and made it destroy there world.

What they don't know is that the woman who looks like Monica is actually Monica's older sister who hates her for getting the life she always wanted and for being the protector and savor of there world.
In the end she voles that she will not rest until Monica's life and power's is in her own hands and learns that the crystals that Max and Monica own have a brother and sister which where made just encase evil was ever to get in control of the original copy's.

When Monica's sister find out about there existences she goes after them and kills the protectors of the other crystals, using them to do what ever she can to destroy everything Monica and Max ever accomplished, that is how she is able to go to the world Toran and the others come from and destroys everything they ever did to save there world.

So in the end Max, Monica, Toran and the others go on a new adventure to stop Monica's sister and try to changes the damages that have been made to make the world a saver places once more.

That's just a thought lol.

I think a lot lol i might send i story idea to Sony and Level 5 see what they think of it lol.
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koehler83  +   2196d ago
Well I quite liked WKC and am looking forward to the next.

I would also like another Dark Cloud game.

Or anything else from Level 5 would be cool with me too.
kemiru  +   2196d ago
Go Level 5!
Rogue Galaxy 2 or Dark Cloud 3 in cell shading please... First part of the RG was one of the best jrpg I ever play^-^
ps360owner09  +   2196d ago
I have a question for Level 5 Fans
Do any of their games have a deep engaging story or do they focus on gameplay instead? I watched someone beat the original darkcloud years ago and it seemed decent but I have never played any of level 5's games myself. I have always played rpg's from squarenix, namco bandai, sega, capcom, gamearts, tri ace etc.

Also would you guys buy jeanne d arc for the psp or White Knight Chronicles for the ps3 first?
Blackcanary  +   2196d ago
I would say Dark Cloud 2 hard a better story line than the first but the first one kind of focused on different mini story's in away when it came to the towns you went to but all in all they still all came together.
Son_Lee  +   2196d ago
I'd splooge to the ceiling if it was Dark Cloud 3.
terrorofdeath  +   2196d ago

Wikipedia says: "The Another World​ is an upcoming role-playing video game from Japanese developer Level-5 and anime studio Studio Ghibli.[1] It is in development for the Nintendo DS, as well as another unannounced platform."

Note the "another unannounced platform."

EDIT: It also says that spells are activated using the stylus, so therefore Arc could be used.
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catguykyou  +   2196d ago
I would assume that means a port to the PSP. What about an PSN arcade game version of the unreleased True Fantasy Live Online. eh? eh?
SpoonyRedMage  +   2196d ago
Nope, it's a mobile phone version which is the same story but a very different style(it's 2D for one).

It could still happen but a PS3/DS multiplat? very, very unlikely.
hatchimatchi  +   2195d ago
I completely forgot about that game. It's gonna be awesome.
Sevir04  +   2196d ago
Interesting, I'm all over this
WKC is pretty good. and we know WKC2 has been announced and already releasing this year in Japan. So i'm pretty sure this next game will either be Dark Cloud 3 or rouge galaxy 2.. I hope it's RG2 because i'm not a huge fan of DC series.. never appealed o me,.
shammgod  +   2196d ago
Whatever it is I am buying. Level 5 never disappoints. WKC ftw!
Sigh  +   2196d ago
Dark Cloud 3
PLEASEEEEE or Rogue Galaxy 2 or DQ11 since DQ10 is Wii exclusive.
#16 (Edited 2196d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
maniacmayhem  +   2196d ago

PirateThom  +   2196d ago
Plz be Dark Cloud.
ifhd  +   2196d ago
Dark Cloud
tulholdren  +   2196d ago
Another RPG plz Really hoping for another Dark Cloud crossing fingers
TrollSlayer  +   2196d ago
Thier Level 5 published
Meaning he is not talking about WKC2, Dark Cloud 3, Rougue Galaxy 2 or DQX. Im guessing the wii game is Inzuna and the console version of that DS game Ninoki (or something like that cant remember)
JJFNIGHTS80  +   2196d ago
White Night Chronicles was great I can't wait to see what else Level-5 have up their sleeve.
hatchimatchi  +   2195d ago
Whatever game it is, I'm sure it'll be awesome.

Level 5 is one of my favorite developers around, every game i've played of theirs has been top notch.
Blaster_Master  +   2195d ago
Level 5 is the new Squeenix. Squeenix has put out nothing but shovel ware since FF12.
unchartedgoty  +   2195d ago
am i the only one with a brain in here...
its got to be a motion controller title the wii and ps3 are sharing. DUH! ;) lol
FinalomegaS  +   2195d ago
Can't be DQX for wii...
that was already announced, so it might have to be...

Something none of us is aware of ( new IP)

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