IE8 Now No. 1 Browser Worldwide, but Firefox Is Close Behind

As of the start of this year, Internet Explorer 8 is on top of the world, well, at least the browser world. At the end of January 2010, IE8 became the world's most-used browser, according to statistics released by Internet metrics company Net Applications. However, Internet Explorer 8 is far from dominating the worldwide market as it is followed "uncomfortably" close by version 3.5 of Mozilla Firefox.

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hay3235d ago

Weird, W3 have different data I guess.

D4RkNIKON3235d ago

Google CHROME FTW! Chrome owns all browsers IMO.

The best tab system, bookmark bar, very minimal design and have any of you tried the new extensions for chrome? AWESOME!

ThanatosDMC3235d ago

IE8 is number 1?! The **** kinda BS are they trying to pull here? Is it because it's mandatory to have it with vista or win7? Is it because i cant uninstall the thing and steam and other programs open it automatically instead of firefox?

Dev8 ing3235d ago

That is the one thing I hate about steam. I never have to see that POS IE unless I am using steam.

Viper73235d ago


I prefer chrome too but no matter how I look it Firefox is better plenty of chases especially with plugins. Not to mention Flashblock and adblock that can really fasten up browsing the modern sites filled with retarded flash adds.

When chrome gets better plug in support it will probably catch up tough.

I prefer chrome mainly because of the lightning fast startup and comfortable UI.

sikbeta3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Ah.. that's cuz this browser is integrated in the OS and the average/nøøb people don't search for something better

If it didn't came with the OS, I'm Sure FOXKEH Firefox would be the most Used Browser

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GunShotEddy3235d ago

Regardless of browsers, Microsoft is making all their money on Windows. What's FireFox running on in this collected data? Windows?
For me, it's firefox and Ubuntu baby!

Dev8 ing3235d ago

Same here. Occasionally I will use firefox in windows 7 and windows Vista. That is usually when I am gaming though and need to look something up real quick.

sikbeta3235d ago

Foxkeh and Ubuntu FTW!!!

Ubuntu maybe doesn't have the load of stuff that window$ have, but Is by Far Better and even if Firefox eat up much RAM, Runs better than IE

When I need something that Ubuntu don't have, I just use a UE version of XP made by ME on VirtualBox and I have everything covered

Dmitry Orlov3235d ago

Chrome still pwns them all

Baka-akaB3235d ago

whenever they actually decide that having good plugins and addons are a most , maybe .

Chris3993235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

It's the fastest browser I've ever used. The interface, in it's simplicity, can be confusing at first. And As Baka mentioned, there are some compatibility issues.

But most sites work fine. For the ones that don't I switch to FF (still a memory hog that one).

Pretty sure that Google is going to own the world at some point, so we might as well convert now :P

BBCnewsrocks3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Really love chrome and all the extensions that are being developed for it now. Hopefully the dev. community for chrome will one day match FF community.

Dev8 ing3235d ago

Take it to the open zone troll . Nah I'm just kidding. I really should try chrome though with everyone raving about it.

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Godmars2903235d ago

I don't use IE but had to DL IE8 because of another program's DL requirements.

HarryM3235d ago

Google Chrome will surely kick all of them off the stands once their Beta version is done.

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