How Halo: Reach Will Learn From Modern Warfare 2's Mistakes

Loot Ninja writes:

"This September, arguably the most important first party title for the Xbox 360 is coming. Mass Effect 2 is going to be amazing, but let's face facts. Halo is just bigger than everything else. Halo 3 was, in a lot of gamers' minds, Halo 2.5 and ODST was a $60 expansion. Nevertheless, the games sold millions. Halo: Reach figures to be the first true next gen Halo experience and we have been teased with trailers and "accidental" screen shots since we got word that this is Bungie's last Halo title. Bungie may just have one ace up its sleeve however. They can do all the things Infinity Ward failed to do."

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drunkpandas3221d ago

If they can prevent the numerous glitches/mods/hacks, that will make a world of difference. I love playing Modern Warfare 2 online, but all this hacks are frustrating and take away from the experience.

Bungie3221d ago

since Halo invented FPSs

i don't think Reach needs to learn anything from MW2

fiercescuba3221d ago

@ Bungie:

I agree Halo redefined the genre, but to not learn from other people's mistakes is just not savvy business. To think Bungie ignores what is going on in other games is just naive.

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. I forget who say that, but I think he has a mustache.

TheBand1t3221d ago

Since Halo invented FPS?

Oh boy, now I've read everything.....

-Alpha3221d ago

IW never did, or at least did it very very poorly.

The lack of beta, Robert Bowling, and the lazy multiplayer really did screw up MW2. As long as Bungie can keep doing what they do they will be fine and I have no reason to believe they will screw up like IW did.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to Reach. Bungie is very talented and Halo is a very fun shooter.

JsonHenry3221d ago

"since Halo invented FPSs"

Bwuahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

Blaze9293221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Is this article serious? A really stupid and pointless read in my honest opinion. Only reasonable point and relevant to Halo: Reach was #1. Since Halo 3's launch there has been zero updates/patches to fix known exploits, hacks, and glitches specifically dealing with the multiplayer. So definitely nothing to worry about for Reach compared to Modern Warfare 2. The rest of the points were just off:

"Halo 2 faced some modding and tampering because people were able to mod code from the hacked PC version"

wrong. Halo 2 on Xbox was just filled with exploits and glitches even way before the PC version came out. Including the infamous super jumping etc.

Crimsonite3221d ago

Um yeah Halo did -NOT- invent fps, they did help to bring it more mainstream though.Anyway I believe Bungie could make a more stable(and possibly more superior) fps with Reach than Activision did with Bugs of Duty: Modern WarGlitch 2.Though each game probably does have a different "feel" to it as the main differences between the games its setting where COD tries to provide a more realistic setting.

Rai3221d ago


know your games, Halo isn't the first FPS and its not the first FPS on a console. I think it was goldeneye that was first on console, and for PC I don't even know, theres been so many.

3221d ago
likedamaster3221d ago


George Santayana. It's a paraphrase.

on topic/
I have total confidence in Bungie.

Pennywise3221d ago

See this is why Bungie deserves 1 bubble treatment.

I know he knows better, but he will say it anyways to troll. I don't know why this is allowed.

This is what happens when people started gaming a few years ago when it became cool and socially acceptable.

Jamescagney3221d ago

"since Halo invented FPSs"


That's a classic.

fiercescuba3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

@ Blaze929

You seem to take issue with everything I write, post, and submit. However, you just submit random work from other people's sites for a N4G score, which in itself is totally arbitrary. You are more than entitled to your opinion, but do me a favor...

Write something orignal, let other people read it, and then see how gracious you are to criticism.

And the cosplay stuff aside, because I just do that for sh!ts and gigs, but really man, get off of your high horse.

I, for one, like to hear what people have to say, but you seem to just be argumentative for the hell of it. That's pretty pathetic.

Saaking3221d ago

Don't even compare Bungie to IW. Bungie actually cares about their fans and support the game. They don't just do it for the sales (well, except odst) like IW does.

bacon133221d ago

@ Bungie

I must have missed the memo that Halo invented FPS. That statement needs to be inducted into the "World's Greatest Epic Fail Comments" hall of fame. Please stop embarrassing yourself. Stop sucking off Halo and Bungie already, its pathetic.

On Topic - They already exceeded IW by the fact they are debuting a Reach beta later this year. IW are still eating a big pile of doody because of that arrogant mistake.

Blaze9293221d ago

Not my fault you can't write and use sex for hits.

Pillville3221d ago


Duke Nukem,
GoldenEye 007,

all say hello. (just to name a few)

Arnon3221d ago

I own both of their franchises, and honestly, I find Halo to be a much more enjoyable experience. In fact, aside from the very solid experience the first one had, I find the only reason the game receives good merits is because it's based on America vs. Terrorism, and lets be honest, America loves fighting terrorism. To the extreme. It's based on a real setting (maybe not Modern Warfare 2). It has real guns, and it's Call of Duty. The game went from being basically a niche title that was almost exclusively on the PC to becoming a mainstream shooter on all platforms.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (1 and 2) are pretty much the closest thing you can get to a cookie cutter basic shooter, and it's the reason people love it.

Bungie's work has been something innovative to the FPS franchise. No, they did not invent it, but they sure as hell made the franchise as a whole more noticeable. Not only does it take the original U.S. vs Terrorism and throw it out the window, but the elements of the game contribute to it's success as well. It has solid gameplay, graphics that are while not the best, very pretty and unique in their own way, and it has quite possibly one of the best soundtracks I've experienced in gaming. Sure ODST wasn't their greatest achievement, but lets be honest with each other. It sure as hell wasn't a bad experience. It was basically an expansion, which is what they planned for it to be all along.

Honestly, after the mess that was Modern Warfare 2, I'd gladly choose Bungie's titles over Infinity Ward's any day.

webeblazing3221d ago

thats crazy all this time i thought golden eye, doom, maybe duke nukem made everbody start playing fps on consoles after those its pretty ez to get people on your side after most the work was done ( people looking 4 more fps) bungie made a great game lets just leave it at that

fiercescuba3221d ago

@ Blaze929

No, no, you're right. IGN really considers you a major part of their team and needs you to spend what little free time you have by submitting their work for them. Your obvious writing skills are so vast that they are willing to let you work for free.

No, I'm sorry. You're a vital piece to their infrastructure. I'll let you get back to your day.

ReservoirDog3163221d ago

Well at least we all know Bungie just writes all these messages just to get people mad. Cause there's no way anyone, especially someone who's always on n4g, can believe what he just said.

Unless he does...

And in that case, um, ignorance is bliss?

baum3221d ago

He's obviously not being serious. He knows Halo is just average.

BLuKhaos3221d ago

Learn from MW2's mistakes? So in other words it's going to actually be a fun game, sounds good :).

EVILDEAD3603221d ago

It's a silly comparison to even think that somehow Bungie is looking at Infinity Ward's so called mis-steps as a reference as how to proceed with Reach.

First of all, Bungie has been doing betas since Crackdown. Sony used the same technique to bring attention to Infamous. Bungie's multiplayer pedigree is absolutely flawless, it's freakin' obvious what the use the betas for and the Reach beta will be no different.

Every Halo game this generation has been a console exclusive, so who cares what exploits there were in the PC version of Modern Warfare 2. It's completely irrelevant.

No one even has a clue if the infamous vid was even the truth. We will all learn when the Beta arrives, but MW2's airport controversy didn't hurt that game's sales at all. In fact, it got the world talking.

Whether you like Halo or's so funny that the author says he'll go back to playing God of War 3. LOL @ going back to a game that will be 6 months old by the time Reach is shipped. Suuure you will..


otherZinc3221d ago

What are they going to learn?: Making games with no:
Campaign co-op?
4 player co-op?
No vehicle combat that you can drive?
Make Halo a linear experience? No.

I could go all day on the crap the media let Infinity Ward get away with without question, that a game did in 2007 (Halo 3), now a game in 2009 is better? it isn't but it should be.

Also, if Halo:ODST isn't a $60 game, what is M.A.G?

Reach is coming in 2010 & they will obliterate all other shooters as far as game play & features.

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McCullster3221d ago

Can't wait to play some BFC2! I really do feel like this will be a LOT better than MW2 without all of the pesky kids figuring out and exploiting Infinity Wards jewel of a game. It's been spoiled for me. Hopefully this stays untainted.

Yes, I did say "taint".

poe3221d ago

Halo series will not have the glitching that call of duty has, and the reason is BETA.

drunkpandas3221d ago

I think it has less to do with a Beta than having the game simultaneously on PC, giving modders/hackers much easier access to the game code for manipulation. Most if not all of the MW2 hacks stemmed from PC hackers moving the code over to consoles.

-Alpha3221d ago

It's not just hacks: there are numerous glitches, exploits, and very bad balancing issues that IW just didn't think about.

Seriously, I can't say it any other way. they did not THINK, their minds were not functioning, they were mentally handicapped when making the MP.

And it's all due to a lack of beta, something both Reach and BC2 and even CoD4 had.

They were overconfident with their product's sales (since a beta is there to ensure quality to consumers) and they did not care for how bad their game may turn out.

Now they are stuck lazily and poorly patching the game-- doesn't this remind you of beta testing? MW2 is full of problems that need patching and I swear that it's like playing a beta game.

IW are also very shady. They claimed that they had some testers test their MP but it's a load of horse crap considering the numerous problems that existed. They just didn't want to go through having a beta and ensuring quality.

divideby03221d ago

show me...after ODST, show me...
and especially after hearing they are just gonna use the same engine with optimization...just maybe another Madden attempt at milking an engine vs doing something new from ground up and being groundbreaking like I expect from Reach
and I have purchased every Halo game except the rip off ODST and been on Live as Gold since day 1

thief3221d ago

Have some respect - didnt you know Halo invented the FPS?

divideby03221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I did until ODST...
they put the doubt in the hearts of gamers...
will get it back when I see some real gameplay of some length

Unicron3221d ago

I respect Bungie a ton, because they respect and care about their community. I doubt they'll make the same mistakes IW did.

divideby03221d ago

^ they did already with ODST, sadly

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