SW:TOR Update: Balmorra Video And Character Customisation

Bioware has released a video of a shield over a town on the planet of Balmorra. It's in place to protect the Empire's troops and workers from Republic bombardment.

There's also a new image of a selection of scars that players can put on their characters when customising them.

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Maticus3257d ago

I'd like to know more about customisation, how much can we tweak them I wonder.

Malfurion3257d ago

Pretty nice effects in that video, it's looking amazing so far...

Panthers3256d ago

They need to show different species. I am starting to worry that humans may be the only playable race, which would be horrible for a Star Wars MMO.

NiteX3256d ago

What? The game still has over a year left. That's like saying KOTOR at one point was only human based. BioWare knows what they are doing. They've shown everything so far, I believe race is the only hidden nugget left to find out about the game, so BioWare is saving it. I'm sure later this year they will announce more.