Splinter Cell: Conviction Multiplayer Q&A

Ubisift has released an official Q&A concerning the multiplayer component of Splinter Cell: Conviction.

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Blaze9293201d ago

well...that was simple :/

Arnon3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Will there be a spectator mode? (PC and Xbox)

On a related note, did any of the other Splinter Cell games have an extensive multiplayer? I'm pretty new to the series.

likedamaster3201d ago

"did any of the other Splinter Cell games have an extensive multiplayer?"
Oh, God no. And I hope they don't give us this list of multiplayer modes like MGS4, after all this isn't Ghost Recon. Just give us enough stealth modes, polished & balanced and it should be enough.

Arnon3201d ago

I would honestly just be fine with a 1v1 online, considering this is heavily stealth based.

KionicWarlord2223201d ago

Im pretty sure they`ve learned from chaos theory .

If multiplayer is like`s all good .

Christopher3201d ago

Player hosted games will only lead ISPs to the need to hike prices, limit bandwidth, or both. This means players will be paying more to game in the end which will cut into their ability to play multiplayer games, which means less people will buy multiplayer games as a whole.

So, while they may be saving some money in the short run, in the long run they'll lose out on more money.

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whothedog3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Is it like spy vs mercs again or is it just deathmatch? Or haven't they done the spys vs mercs since the second one?

Leord3201d ago

Matchmaking sounds good...

Redrudy3201d ago

Sounds standard to me. Nothing stands out.

Dorjan3201d ago

spy vs spy! (remember that old game?)

whothedog3201d ago

That would be funny if that was the multiplayer haha