Google Chrome available for MAC Users

Google Chrome Developer Release is available for download... So far everything seems to be working fine. Download Instructions after the Jump.

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BulletToothtony3336d ago

ugh too bad i had to sell my imac last month cause i was broke.. i miss it badly..

the good part.. i bought it for $1300 and sold it for $1500 haha.. craigslist ftw

beardpapa3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

haha that's cool man. CL & ebay sometimes can net a profit over used items. I remember selling floor speakers for $100 more than I bought them for. Same with a garmin nuvi gps.

Apple did release the new iMacs recently, and I would love to get my hands on the 27 inch core i7 iMac with the 8 gig DDR3, but that's an arm & a leg I'd have to give up. I'd only imagine with that kinda setup, my project edits and encodes in FCP would go much much faster than my mbp. And at 27 inch w/ that crazy resolution it would be a dream.

Edit: haha, being on topic, I really like Chrome. It's my primary browser with Firefox being second on my samsung laptop, so i'm really glad they're finally releasing a working version on the mac. I hate safari.

Tony999Montana3336d ago

Am I the only one who's already had chrome on Mac since months ago? This isn't news.. I was hoping that they had released the full version, when I saw the title.

BulletToothtony3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

every time i would check it said it wasn't available.. did you have a beta or something??


i used to have the 24" and it was plenty.. at some points it actually felt to big sitting next to it.. i did love watching stuff on it from far away thou.. i wouldn't say no to the 27 but that 21.5 for $1199 hits the sweetspot imo.. i don't think you would need more than 4gigs of ram but having 8gb of ram would be sweet.. wow i can't believe it's only $200 for the ram upgrade.. it used to be $1000 haha glad apple changed that ram nonsense price..

i hate safari too but ff is my favorite cause of the add-ons

RedSoakedSponge3336d ago

@ tony999

i think you are talking about chromium. which isnt the proper version.

Tony999Montana3336d ago

No I'm not talking about chromium. I'm talking about Chrome, the same version that this guy has. My application states June 3rd as Date Created; I can post a screenshot if any of you care that much. When I first downloaded it, it didn't have the ability to play flash content and it was updated after a month or so to the state it's in now. I think I originally got it after hearing about it on Google's blog or something.

ghandistash3336d ago

I've also had Chrome on my iMac for a few month now. This isn't news at all.

beardpapa3336d ago

wow $200 for the upgrade only? Sheesh! I'm with you on that. It used to be $1000+!

I actually got a chance to play with the magic mouse (hate it) and 27'' iMac today at Fry's. I managed to sell the iMac to customers better than the female Fry's employee from toying with iMovie & screen recording on it. Hah! The screen is absolutely gorgeous especially that resolution. It's too bad though, I think the specs on the machine was using the ol' nvidia 9400 instead of the ati, and it was the stock C2D and not the i7. =( I was REALLY hoping to get my hands on an i7 and see how much faster iMovie would encode.

Blaine3336d ago

Is anything developed by google *not* a beta?

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iamthebozz3336d ago

I got it running on my macbook and it's not too shabby, I just don't like how some multiplatform applications work different with regards to the Zoom feature.

It always bugs me how in Pages I need to manually change the size of the window to get to be "full screened" like what would happen in Neo Office/Open Office when I click the Zoom button.

PotNoodle3336d ago

l0ol0rzzzz Mac SuxXxxx !!!11!! LOLOl1l1

Come on people, why don't we ever have any mac vs pc wars? We have every other kind!

stb3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

bng,hit,cck, that avatar. lol

Whatever with, love PC over Mac

dbf3336d ago

The developer release has been available for months, not sure why they would just write a story about it now.

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