Having single-player, multiplayer and co-op separately is like, so yesterday

TVGB: "Senior game designer Edward Stern from UK-based developer Splash Damage believes it's "ridiculous" that games these days still have the single-player, multiplayer and cooperative modes as separate entities."

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DasBunker3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

i dont like when they have the co-op separate from the main campaign like in resistance 2... it becomes kinda pointless IMO and you feel like all you do is "shoot everything that moves" rinse and repeat.. with little to no story at all..

back in the golden eye days i had no problem with splitscreen even with 4 players.. but now i feel like the screen gets too small and bothers me, thats why i dont care about offline splitscreen anymore.. maybe im gettin too old and im losing my sight..

clixx333300d ago

What are you talking about??? Having a separate campaign in Resistance 2 was one of the funnest part of it. It felt like a completely new experience rather than repeating the single player campaign with a friend... Yes it lacked a story and was pretty bland, but it was still fun, encouraged team-play and became a challenge. I see separate co-op campaigns being introduced more and more in future games, and I highly welcome it.

GarandShooter3299d ago

I liked the Resistance 2 co-op, and playing the Uncharted 2 beta co-op only served to reinforce that opinion.

Also, I like my single player games single player. Sometimes, I don't want to deal with other people, and just enjoy being submersed in the game.

So I like the modes as separate entities. Depending on mood, I can be left alone, help someone, or take someone out.

callahan093299d ago

Yeah I was a huge, huge fan of the Resistance 2 co-op. I think that sort of implementation of co-op is a great idea, and really fun. I like the RPG aspect, almost like an MMOFPS haha. Leveling up is much awesome!

The only game I can think of with single-player, multiplayer, and co-op NOT separate is DEMON'S SOULS. It's all integrated into the same experience. No menus, no leaving single-player to start the other, you're always connected and at any time you could be playing the game by yourself, or with others (competitively or cooperatively). It's a very unique way of doing it. But it wouldn't work for most types of games, the game would have to be designed from the ground up for that sort of thing, like Demon's Souls was.

Blaze9293299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

I agree. The main point of co-op (to me at least) is so that you can play the main story with a friend. Imagine if Gears of War, Crackdown, Halo, Resident Evil 5, etc just had some tacky co-op "mission" mode with no co-op for the story mode; it'd be lame. To me that gets old fast becuase it's pointless. World at War made the single player campaign co-op and although it wasn't perfect, Treyarch new it was something people want.

I just recently started playing Resistance 2 where I found out I can't even play co-op campaign split-screen with my brother like I did Resistance 1. Only thing co-op is that 8p mode which was fun for like, the first three times but it got old fast becuase it was pointless with no end or goal.

Uncharted 2 has the co-op "missions" and I remember playing it in the beta and to me that was more fun then the competitive gameplay. But still its just "missions" with no purpose, not saying that's a bad thing though becuase like I said, I enjoyed that part the most.

Even Modern Warfare 2 will do this with some co-op "missions" with no real purpose, storyline or goal. Why not the main story? Treyarch did it with World at War and Infinity Ward could've done it 10x better. I would've loved to play CoD4's storymode in co-op.

But the point of co-op games is to share the experience of playing the game's story mode or a campaign with a story and goal with a buddy locally or over the net; not just to play some missions together which are just pointless to me unless done right like Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. They did it where the co-op was not part of the main single player yes, but it still had it's OWN story mode campaign of relevance and tons of them too so where it was actually fun and not just shooting everyone on screen for the sake of completing the level for no reason.

La Chance3299d ago

I hardly ever play online, I prefer playong COD4 for example with 3 friends right next to me even though that means less space on da screen.

callahan093299d ago

Why do I have 0 agrees and 4 disagrees on my last comment? I can't figure it out. Do people really hate R2's co-op that much, or do you have no idea about Demon's Souls and you disagreed because you can't fathom what I said about it? Either way, I must say I'm confused at the disagrees. People who disagree, give me a heads up, I want to know what I said that is so off base in your opinion.

RockmanII73299d ago

I disagreed because of your second comment. Anyone asking 'Oh, why did I get disagreed' deserves all the disagrees they get.

Blaze9293299d ago

Everyone who is interested in this article should check out this week's bonus round which I think nails the point of this:

at the 0:31 mark that guy nailed it about the co-op experience.

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Ravage273299d ago

Does anyone here enjoy playing RE5 alone?

Baka-akaB3299d ago

i know i would without a useless AI forced on me , because of said co-op mode .

I dont mind co-op , and even enjoy it , so long as it doesnt affect my single play experience or it's quality .

See that guys from splash gives a good example of someone playing solo and a buddy see him online and join him . But he doesnt tell you if you can even refuse .

Demon's souls got a pretty decent system where you play alone and can out of choice decide to to invite other adventurers (though you really can't choose who ) . Since there is pvp and the risk of pk invading your game , you even also can play it offline .

The two most important parts being that it's your choice , and that the game isnt designed with the idea that you'll always co-op and so always need someone .

1ikedamaster3299d ago


The AI gets in my way ALL THE TIME! Plus its good just playing with a friend on any game.

Ravage273298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

i hate playing it alone too, the AI is so retarded. ok maybe i should elaborate :p

What i was trying to say is that when you force co-op into the campaign, you better design a competent AI or else it would drag the whole game down. I personally feel that separating the SP and online aspect of the game (like what Uncharted2 is doing) is the best way to go. I was glad i rented RE5.Had i bought it,i would probably still be cursing at Capcom for not enabling solo play.

@Baka-akaB Aha you're right! Demon's Souls system is imo the best of them all. There must always be a choice, not everyone likes playing with strangers you know...

Timesplitter143299d ago

I really don't see anything wrong with that.

I hate when people want to rush from one "gaming revolution" to another when gaming doesn't need to ba hanged at all. Stop pumping out new gimmicks and just make more great games by sticking to the basic formula.

DaTruth3299d ago

How about half the devs stick to the basic formula and half with the gimmicks. There is room for all.

Agree with you on the fact that some devs try to revolutionize your favourite franchise and end up ruining it. Or a good developer spends years on something that won't interest you and you've been waiting for them to put out a game!

Dead_Cell3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

How well it's actually implemented.
If Co-Op is seamlessly put into Single Player like Resident Evil 5 it works well.
But a game set up like Resistance 2 which is properly polished and done well between three different game settings "Single Player/Co-Op/Multiplayer" works just as well separated.

Baka-akaB3299d ago

Except i disagree about RE5's co-op being well implemented .
The mode itself is fine , but as a consequence your solo experience is so designed around co-op that they force down your throat a AI companion .

Wich i immensely dislike . And wich is why i'm more than ok with companies like Insommniac saying " ok boys , if we add co-op in the campaign , there are stuff we wont be able to do , since it has to be tailored from the ground for two people , and it will affect the way we wanna tell our story , so let's do a separate mode ) .

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