PS3 motion controller rumoured for E3

The information comes by way of several sources, one of whom is said to have seen the device and two of whom are familiar with Sony's E3 plans.

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Tunerboy87323339d ago

I believe it can really change the future of ps3 and really move wii owners to ps3.The sixaxis we have now just doesnt have the accuracy the wii remote has and not alot of games are very supportive for it mostly exclusives.I just hope E3 isnt a dissapointment this year next tuesday should be interesting.

sinncross3339d ago

The Sixaxis is no meant to imitate the Wii remote, but merely provide smaller motion control o assist traditional game play, as seen in Killzone 2 where opening a valve requires the player to turn the controller sideways as if they were holding the valve.

The only good I see coming from the PS3 motion control is that Wii games mmay be ported to the PS3. Microsoft's motion control doesn't seem to be in a similar vein but more like the Eyetoy.

Sony has a chance to hit the Wii market but let's see what their concept is first at E3.

ottoenie3338d ago

hell, tell me something i didn't know already!!! this was a rumour a month ago, and now you guys say it's a rumour again!? like that gives us decent information about a motion sensor controller! in the future, give us articles like: motion sensor controller for ps3 CONFIRMED! or something like that, but not stuff like: "it may be there or not, but we are not sure."

Ron Zook3338d ago

The sixaxis is way more accurate as it stands now than the wiimote... every try to play a shooter or anything that requires precision on the wii? Its terrible!