Cell processor faster than Core i7 965 XE H.264 video: New Playstation 3 codec uses for transcoding

"Now put Linux Developer Fixstars a video converter called Codecsys CE-10, which was to encode movies into MPEG-4-AVC format (H.265) The Cell processor uses a Playstation 3 - this format will be predominantly on Blu-Ray media and IP-TV via video-stream uses. The CE-10-encoder sends out from a Windows PC, the output data via Ethernet to the console, which finished the encoded data back to the PC sends back."

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40cal3490d ago

Its a beast, everyone knows it, its been proven time and time again.

RememberThe3573490d ago

Killzone 2, Uncharted, God of War 3, Heavenly Sword, Resistance 2, Heavy Rain, all graphical beasts. If only multi-platform devs could match what the first and second party devs are doing, we'd really start to see a difference between the 360 and PS3.

But there are great games on both so I can't really complain.

ultimolu3490d ago

I made the right decision buying a PS3. I did indeed.

xbollox3490d ago

yeah, we all did :)

beating core i7 by such a margin on that kinda task is nothing short of amazing. core i7 is a **very** powerful multi-core CPU that came out 2 years after CELL, costs way more to procduce and is backed by intel's SSE huge popularity amongst programmers!

people who still doubt that this is useful for gaming are living in denial. video codecs require tons of signal analysis and processing: advanced computations requiring a lot of math and number crunching that can just as well be used for advanced game physics, animations, special effects, audio, you name it... tons of cool stuff for us gamers.

here's the sad truth:

whenever a game looks better on 360, we all know that it's because the developers were too ignorant or too lazy to fully use the CELL.

This is why, as a gamer, I give them a big FAT FINGER.

ultimolu3490d ago

The 360 is a good system but the hardware could have been better. That's why I'm avoiding it at all costs. Even if I can get it replaced for free, there's no way in hell I'm going through that.

pixelsword3490d ago

They can match PS3 devs, they just need to get over trying to make things the same on both consoles...whether that means the PS3 or 360 gets the batter game will be made clear once that course of action is decided. According to this report, it looks like the PS3 has to power to be the better game... if used correctly, of course.

I remember how Mortal Kombat came out on the SNES and Genesis and the SNES version blew the Genesis version away. You know why? Because they could, not because they were trying to make the game the same on both consoles.

Persistantthug3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Hey ultimolu,

At the risk of sounding all goodie 2 shoes or something,

I think you might be a little misguided. Don't get me wrong, I have a PS3 (can only afford 1 system atm), and I genuinely feel it was the better investment of all three current-gen consoles, so in a manner of speaking, we are on the "same team". But if you happen to be blessed enough to own both a PS3 and and XBOX 360, I think you should be greatfull to be so fortunate. I mean, If I had the money (I got laid off) to get an XBOX 360 along with my PS3, I would be in gamers heaven.

If yours is broken, I hope that you would take MS on their offer to get it fixed for free....and if you don't see it that way, if you don't like the XBOX anymore, well......

I definitely would be proud to take your charity. :)

ultimolu3490d ago

Persistant, I only own the PS3 at the moment. I'm just very wary of the 360, which is why I'm always going back and forth on whether to buy one or not.

Consoldtobots3489d ago

I think once the likes of Bach and Moore at MS saw the final design of the PS3 processor they knew they had to implement plan B. Start laying out money to developers to keep multiplatform versions the same on both consoles. If they just let developers loose on the respective hardware the 360 would be dead by now. I guess you can't blame Ms for trying to protect their investment. They want to make money and couldn't care less what PS3 owners think of them. Of course thats not where the story ends. PS3 exclusives are what prove that MS is paying people off to hold back development of PS3 versions of multiplat titles.
Sony aren't the only ones with talented programmers out there.

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shazui1233490d ago

@ canadianguy - ok thats it im changing my avatar :(
also, loving the articles unique and innovative combination of 2 different lagnuages making it hard to read, also, an i7 965 XE? isnt that 7 frickin cores??? :S ps3s 1 core and 8 spus really are as fast as santa monica studios said.

bozebo3489d ago

nope, 4 physical cores and 4 logical. IE, it is quad core but hyperthreading allows 8 threads to run at once rather than 4.

tdrules3490d ago

i find this quite hard to believe

snaz273490d ago

ok well care to ellaborate? or give proof otherwise? if not then stfu! or is it that you find it hard to believe because you own a certain other console?... i mean anyway the proof is in the puddin! killzone 2 is up there with crysis! said to be the best pc has to offer! even in some ways it surpasses it! so why is it hard to believe?

tdrules3490d ago

i own a ps3 and a gaming pc, good call *sigh*
i dont own a 360

KwietStorm3490d ago

People like you are just as bad as fanboys

snaz273490d ago

you just say you find it hard to believe... nothing more not like "i find it hard to believe BECAUSE blah blah blah... so i had to make the assumption i did because i couldnt see any other reason for you saying what you did!... and have you not played killzone 2? have you not seen uncharted 2? and these games still are not gonna get the best out of the ps3?.. and to the other guy... call me a fanboy if you so wish i really couldnt care less lol... i just called him out to see what he would say... and well it was still nothing!

Hallucinate3490d ago

oh you dont own a you must be right! lol thats the worst bit of proof ive ever heard

op 'i find that hard to believe'
2nd guy 'prove it'
op 'i own a pc and ps3'

lol jesus christ your dumber then most xbots

JBaby3433490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

You still haven't said why you find it hard to believe. If the evidence is there then what's hard to believe. The games certainly show it.

bozebo3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Really, go to the open zone. I don't want to see the retarded fanboy term "xbots" here... Most of the poeple in this zone don't, that's the whole idea. But I suppose you are afraid that more people will flame you back for liking one console over the other in the open zone.

Here is my opinion: PS3 is the most capable system, definately. However the 360 has the best range of enjoyable games, though this is based highly on opinion - it is the opinion I have. Sure, I love MGS4 and think it is probably the best game of all time. But I enjoy halo, fable and lost odyssey too much to make the sacrafice. Also, by the way. A 360 will actually cost more money than a ps3 - for a ps3 you can use standard components (usb cables, hard drives etc). For a 360 you have to buy specialized stupid ms equivalents (the hdd just uses sata, but they rearranged the pins...). Also of note, I only own a 360, and to be honest my next console would be a wii - unless final fantasy 13 is truely superior on the ps3 (though, they probably won't bother to use its potential)

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i3eyond the Circle3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

The secret message in my name says it all.

Ps3 has the most potential this gen.

Uncharted2 and Killzone2 quite frankly look better than anything I've ran on my old 7800GTX.

And that is an accomplishment if you ask me.

The Ps3 is the sleeping giant whose power is leaking through the cracks of its cave creating games like Killzone, Uncharted, Heavy Rain and InFamous....just imagine when the beast is awakened.

cmrbe3490d ago

suspect that Sony is still holding back the full potential of the PS3 so that they would be able prolong its life past the ten year mark.

My logic is. If Sony allows devs to fully utilise the full potential of the Ps3 now we wuld have games that are out of this world now BUT, for the next 3-4 years well will not be able to see any major improvements in both gamplay and graphics. In other words it will make current gen go obsolete fast and consumers will demand next gen sooner. This goes in line with what Kaz said earlier.

What do you guys think?.

i3eyond the Circle3490d ago

It's a multiplatform gaming world.

If the question from most devs was "How can we make the best game?" instead of "How can we get the most money?" the Ps3 would be the prime choice.

Freedom with Blu Ray and unmatched visuals with the understanding and utilization the RSX and Cell which prove to be magnificent pieces of technology with effort.

Unfortunately games will be gimped for equality and the better buck...that's just how it is.

I respect Sony for putting that aside and creating games that use the untapped strength giving those gamers who want to see evolution a nice slice of the real next generation.

Shadow Flare3490d ago

There's actually proof that backs up your logic because sony has done exactly what you said with the psp. They recently unlocked its full power for games like crisis core

XLiveGamer3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

"Uncharted2 and Killzone2 quite frankly look better than anything I've ran on my old 7800GTX"

-> LOL great comparison uh?!

"And that is an accomplishment if you ask me"

-> You call that an accomplishment? WTF?!

UltimateIdiot9113490d ago

If I remember correctly, someone or maybe Sony themselves said that the PS3 has a SPU locked for 2 possible purpose, 1) in case one fails and 2)when the time comes and more devs are ready, the SPU would be unlock to prolong the PS3's life.
We've seen Sony strategy with the PS1, PS2, and PSP, now with the PS3. Sony doesn't want all the Dev to create games using their system's full ability. Dev has to learn and unfold it.

cmrbe3490d ago

History is repeating itself.

Sony and PS3 fans got a lot of flak in 2007 for buying the Ps3 with similar capabilities to the x360. Ever since then we have seen PS3 games advance further and further while the x360 is stuck in 2006 with Gears.

People i think don't like to confront face the truth.

This only makes me more excited about the future as a PS3 gamer.

JBaby3433490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Especially after talking trash for 2 years but that's what has happened. Since early 2007 to early 2009 the tables have completely turned. The PS3 is only getting better without showing signs of slowing down while the competition is still stuck in 2006.

raztad3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )


I dont think Sony is holding the PS3 power back.

It's more like a learning process. It just take time and a lot of resources to get used to the unconventional PS3 arch.

Devs need to think out of the PC box.

PC arch (360 medium spec PC)= Powerful GPU (graphic tasks) and physics, AI, etc running on CPU.

If devs keep using the ps3 like a pc, games will look (and feel) like a medium spec PC. However, as devs learn how to unload the GPU and use the Cell in a more efficient way, that is curently GPU only tasks ---> THE CELL, we will see massive gains in ps3's games fidelity.

This reminds me, the apparently weak PS2. That baby, ended up doing stuff people believe only possible on the xbox1. Black, Hitman:Blood Money, MGS3, GoW2, those games were a MAJOR graphical jump from earlier games on the old ps2.

This gen is barely starting for the PS3. It's mindblowing to imagine that KZ2 in 4 years will look like MGS2 when compared with MGS3.

dude_uk3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Because the CELL B.E. was originally supposed to run "normally" at 4.0Ghz with its PEAK clock at 6.0Ghz without the chip frying.
Also the XDR's normal Clock is 6.0Ghz (you can check that on the rambus site)

So if they decide to "overclock" the PS3's Processor and XDR RAM to 4.0Ghz its easily possible through a FW update (same as the PSP) and we'd get a significant performance increase.

Also there were rumors about the RSX having a "mini-cell" or that its GPU had more than one core... so you never know.

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