GameSpy - Big Game Hunting: Hands-On with MAG

GameSpy: MAG is Zipper Interactive's most ambitious project to date. While Zipper is no stranger to online gaming, having introduced it to the PS2 with its popular SOCOM franchise, even Zipper has its work cut out for it because of the scale of this project. You see, MAG will features battles of up to 256 players simultaneously, in theory creating battles unlike anything seen before.

A clear evolution of Zipper's past experience, the team behind the game clearly wants it to be more than just chaos on the field. After all, MAG isn't just about throwing people together in a room and seeing what happens; it's been designed around three tenets that the team hopes will make it unlike anything you've ever played before. I'll take a look at those tenets, and describe how they felt in my hands-on time with MAG.

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