Blade3D to Solve XBLA Development Problems?

TheGameReviews has received some interesting information in regards of a new development engine that could ease indie Xbox Live Arcade development.

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cain1413604d ago

I'd love to know what developers are currently using this...

predator3604d ago

so would I or if any games have been developed and publsihed on XBLA at the moment

The_EE_God3603d ago

and I can lump it together with Torque (which isn't saying much). It isn't as easy as it's shown to be and it's too damn limited

The easiest tools to use so far (at least from my experience) are Phyre on the PS3 and XNA (with the publishing deal add-ons) on the 360.

I can't use the Wii SDK yet (need to pass cert) but I hope it's as simple as the DS one.

Hope that helps Cain.

stewie328873604d ago

Cool. I like the way indie developers are getting more spotlight this generation. I hope the big names continue to help this out.

Multigamer3604d ago

They get more attention, we get more games

thegamereviews3604d ago

It looks really easy to use

cain1413604d ago

Looks can be decieving though... I'd love to hear what someone who has used this thinks...

predator3604d ago

yeah it does sound a bit to easy but hey, maybe it is

drewdrakes3604d ago

XNA is easy to start with. You just need to know what youre doing in 3D space.

James Abels3604d ago

We all need to make xbox games and never work again!!!

SirLarr3604d ago

The world needs a jillion geometry wars clones!

predator3604d ago

I hope this spreads the word out to indie devs so they can keep coming with original IP

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The story is too old to be commented.