New screen shots for Lair on the Ps3

IGN has just added new screen shots for Lair.

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Rooted_Dust4312d ago

Just in terms of visuals, this game looks to be intense. These shots look more polished than the last batch. Hopefully it will have excelent gameplay to back up the visuals.

GaMr-4312d ago

All I Gotta Say is Game over.

Sony is gunna have me playing a dragon game.

THWIP4312d ago

if it weren't such a niche genre. It will be a technological showpiece, with a lot of eye candy, but it likely will rent more than it will sell.
It's actually one of the few PS3 exclusives (for now, anyway ;) ), that I'm actually interested in. In 3-4 years, when the PS3 is worth buying, I'll pick one up, along with this...unless it's been ported to the PC/360 by then. My wife and I loved the PS2 exclusive, Drakan: The Ancient's of the few PS2 games we enjoyed.

techie4312d ago

Yes I agree in a way. I'm still not sure about a dragon game. But when did the lad say this would be the ps3's Gears of War...? Though I see the implications.

Also may I say you missed out on a lot of great ps2 games...

THWIP4312d ago

...that was my own opinion. ???

And no, I really didn't "miss out" on anything......I said there were only a few PS2 exclusive games we ENJOYED, not PLAYED. See, not everyone likes MGS, FF, Kingdom Hearts, and GoW. ;) Ico was great, but then Team Ico decided to go with the incredibly dull and repetitive SotC, rather than a sequel to Ico.

GaMr-4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

I hear what your saying and all. And in reference to that I dont think a game with Genre like this can be a "Gears of War". Its actually just a kick arse bonus. Its more the reason why I like Sony and alot of people do. They explore new Genre's instead of going for the sure shot hit with a "shooter". Shooters are awesome but after "Gears,Lost Planet,Vegas, and Graw you start getting a little sick of blasting your free time away. Thats my honest opinion ( I am not microsoft flaming at all). I will however be flamed for my next statement and I think PS3's answer for Next-Gen graphically amazing shooter will be....wait for it............ found in

Killzone 2. I just have a nitch about that game. It has every reason to be a knockout.

1. First one was a little lackluster
2. Project is extremely under raps.
3. Its a first party project (so garunteed exclusivity)
4. Its the first time I ever seen Sony keep their mouth shut about anything.

Those are the reasons I think the Killzone 2 will be sony's next-gen shooter answer to something as "Epic" (pun intended) as Gears of War.

r10004312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

I'm 100 percent in agreement with you.... the 360 with their plethora of shooters never makes me want to turn it on... They pump shooters out like it's going out of style...

But on to stay on topic... Dragon's are cool as hell... but dragons and games and movies have SUCKED!!!! So I don't know I'll wait for the review s on this one.

techie4311d ago

Oh really? There were many many ps2 exclusives... And thinking about it now maybe you should give Okami a go. And I've heard some amazing things about Shadow of the Colossus... It really wouldnt be in their nature to make a sequel of Ico, and I doubt they will make a sequel of Shadow. Still I think you've failed to actually to look and see the ps2 exclusives, because the xbox1 had a fraction of them...tables are turning though...

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D R Fz4312d ago

Hands down, this games i surely going to impress the entire gaming community and more. Kudos to Sony and the developers for what they're doing with Lair. It's definitely going to be a system seller.

Gamer134312d ago

Once the gameplay is solid it will be an amazing game.

IM OUT...///"""

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