CES 09: Eyes-On With PlayStation 3 In 3D

Sony's not just focusing on electronic wizardry it can sell you now, it wants to get you pumped up for products it will sell in the future. Like playing games in three dimensions.

The electronics giant is dazzling CES attendees with a trio of 3D Bravia displays, purely for tech demo purposes. While the tech requires a dedicated monitor capable of displaying a 3D signal and forces the viewer to wear special, but still very hip-looking glasses, they're of the polarized variety, not the red and blue lens style as seen on Mr. Ken Kutaragi up there.

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Cajun Chicken3567d ago

Kotaku actually sounds genuinely impressed with something Sony have done involving the PS3.

It's the end of the world!

pixelsword3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

...or those huge Playstation ads that were on their site a few weeks back.

Check musta went through.

eagle213567d ago

Sounds awesome. PS3 just knows it's the hottest. :)

MNicholas3567d ago

whoever pays them the most. Microsoft has more ad money than Sony. However, if Sony has been outspending Microsoft lately, then you can expect them to play nice with Sony.

If the 1up blow-up has taught people anything, it's that these online magazines are all about money. No advertisers means no money. No money means no paychecks. No paychecks means ... well, lots of layoffs.

hazeblaze3567d ago

I've been saying it for the last 2 years... I think 3D gaming is going to be the big thing for the next generation of consoles... I don't think the PS3 will make a big splash of it. But I think rather than just upgrading resolutions again, the next generation of t.v.'s will move from HD to 3D... and gaming will accommodate it.

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thereapersson3567d ago

But this tech is actually really cool. I would like to play Gran Turismo 5 with a Logitech G25 wheel, full surround sound and 3-Dimensional graphics.

Imagine Killzone 2 with full-3D! The game would probably melt your face off!

Blackcanary3567d ago

not the only one that would be fantastic

hazeblaze3567d ago

To be honest... even Wii level graphics would be awesome in 3D. PS3 level graphics would be INSANE!

ThanatosDMC3567d ago

I'd want to play a 3D horror game...

OOG3567d ago

im pretty sure my 50 inch samsung plasma has the 3d feature tooo :)

pcz3567d ago

and come back to earth. i've never seen anything so ridiculous in my life.

have they finally lost it?

poindat3567d ago

I don't know about that. I mean, if they manage to execute it properly it could be a really neat experience. Kotaku certainly sounds impressed, and so do many people.

hazeblaze3567d ago

Are you being sarcastic or something??? Have you never seen a movie in 3D??? Who wouldn't enjoy being able to play their games in 3D?!!! This is an awesome development.

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The story is too old to be commented.