Q-Games' 2009: Not Only PixelJunk

Q-Games has already brought three charming games to the PlayStation Network, including the addictive PixelJunk Monsters and artistic PixelJunk Eden. Both games feature a modern take on old school gameplay in gorgeous high-definition 2D graphics.

So what's in store for 2009? The company are apparently hoping to release another collection of PixelJunk games and might even venture outside of that particular series.

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sinncross3426d ago

Do PixelJunk work exclusively with Sony?

I think if they keep games on the PSN then it's definitely god news for Sony fans but I would love them to attempt one or two PSN titles for the PSP, especially since there are a few already and would definitely add to the PSP's appeal.

PirateThom3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Q-Games work closely with Nintendo and Sony. They did hold meetings with Microsoft, but nothing ever came of it. At the moment though, they're very heavily in Sony's corner. The founder, Dylan Cuthbert, worked on Star Fox/Star Fox 2 for Nintendo and then worked for Sony for a while, not sure what he did though.

In addition to the games, which I think they've found a neich for, I'm led to believe they also created the PS3s XMB and music visualisations.