The Walking Dead Fans Petition Netflix To Save Telltale Games Series

NoobFeed writes: "The gaming world was struck with surprise this week with big studio closures from both Capcom Vancouver, makers of Dead Rising, as well as Telltale Games, makers of The Walking Dead and many other story franchises. In the latter’s case, social media has really been lamenting the demise and subsequent cancellations of games from the developer, rallying to make things right."

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T2X80d ago

This sucks. We don't even get a proper end to the the one that started it all for them. I hope they find new jobs though.

Hardiman80d ago

Damn hat blows! Seems like I read something some time ago that didn't sound like Telltale wasn't on the most solid foundation. Either way it sucks because no ending for TWD, no Wolf Among Us 2 or Batman and the employees are left out in the cold!

TedCruzsTaint80d ago

I was really excited for more Wolf Among Us.

MoshA79d ago

Tales from the Borderlands was their best game. At least 2k can use its characters in Borderlands 3.

rob-GP80d ago

Yeah, because Netflix will pay the millions of dollars to re hire the same staff who probably won’t want to go back and work on the game.

It’s bad but these things happen. If TT dismissed all the staff then I doubt the game will get finished. The writers may leak the ending or commission fans to turn it into a comic/mini film - but I doubt the game will get finished.

Blaze92980d ago

If people paid for the complete season (pass) - then either they are entitled for a refund or TellTale will be obligated to release them. I dont get this process at all

kneon80d ago

No they can't be forced to release them. And if they have declared bankruptcy then I don't think the customers are first in line for cash. First it's the trustee handling the bankruptcy, then secured creditors.

rainslacker79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Sadly, that's true. I heard they were still going to finish TWD though...did that change?

@Blackhood below

While that would be considerate of the console makers, or whatever store one might buy a pass on, they've already passed that money off to the developer/publisher, and the TOS does state that it's up to the publisher to honor the season pass.

I thought a while back there was another game which had a season pass which never had all the content released, and I don't recall any refunds for it. If I recall, it was AC:Unity. Ubisoft gave anyone who brought it a free game or something, but I don't think they were obligated to do so. It was probably done to protect future season pass sales so as to not shake consumer confidence. Telltale isn't likely to have to concern themselves with that.

BLAKHOODe79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

I've read other reports that say the studio isn't fully closed yet; that a staff of 25 out of like 250 are still there finishing the Walking Dead game. So, if true, season pass holders will still get their game.

Even if not true, I want to believe companies like Sony and Microsoft would honor any request for a refund.. at least paid in credit. They have no say over the studio's closure, but gamers who bought the games are not just Telltale Games customers, but Microsoft and Sony customers, as well.

Razmiran79d ago

However people who were working on the final season have been laid off, and dont know who is left

ocelot0779d ago

From what I read they have pretty much finished episode 2 and can/will release it. But the rest of the episodes probably won't be completed/released.

No_Pantaloons80d ago

Seems very unlikely, but I wish they would. Companies are so quick to throw millions on marketing, seems like they miss out on opportunities like this where much less money could rally huge support and change their whole image. Then again maybe it doesn't matter considering how many times EA has won worst company in America and people still preorder their stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.