NZGamer: A Sneak Peak in Sydney

It should come as no surprise then that publicists are courting the media - tradeshows, events, dinners and all sorts of opportunities to wave their particular brand of gaming nirvana in front of our faces are seized without hesitation.

The latest of these was an opportunity too good to miss - Monacocorp, local distributors of Sega, THQ and Ozisoft offered to fly us over to participate in a Ubisoft press event and perform interviews with THQ developers in Sydney. A bunch of games that spread quite nicely over the upcoming weeks and even a couple that slip into next year were exposed to NZGamer and they were given full access to key people on the development teams for each title to question as they saw fit. A brief synopsis of each is given here, with full articles based on their impressions to come over the next week or so.

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