Sony Developers Talk About Ghost of Tsushima, Dreams, Days Gone, and Concrete Genie for PS4

Sony released four videos in which the developers behind Ghost of Tsushima, Dreams, Days Gone, and Concrete Genie talk about their games.

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jimbost7997d ago

GoT looks better every time i watch that same video, day 1 collectors edition steelbook.
Not convinced by days gone tho, cant put my finger on it, but something just seems "off" about it. Hope im wrong tho and its up to the quality of Sony's other exclusives.
Dreams is not for me but i can see it, and its users really pushing boundaries.
As for concrete genie, looks real good, and i reckon its gonna be a real surprise hit.
Hope we get at least one of them this year.

The_Hooligan97d ago

Have they announced any kind of collectors edition for the GoT yet?? I am also going to get the collectors edition for that game if they have announced one. It would be cool if they had a small replica of a katana instead of a traditional statue of the protagonist. What else other than a statue would be interesting?
Also concrete genie looks amazing. As far as Days gone and Dreams, I will probably wait for a price drop as I still have to beat Horizon zero dawn, Almost done with God of war and finally will start on TLoU (gasp... I know I know...please forgive me lol)

Ceaser985736197d ago

There's only a Teaser and a gameplay released from GOT.. Nothing so far.. 2019 When we get a release date. We will get more details about the bundles and so on..

b163o197d ago

Dreams is going to shock people, its basically a game creator with ridiculous possibilities. I've seen enough to grab a note pad and dream "NoPunIntended" of games to create. I'm excited about dreams....

The_Hooligan97d ago

@ ceaser

Thanks for the info brother.

And yes seen the teaser and the gameplay during E3. It looks gorgeous. I hope they announce the release date soon.

StormSnooper96d ago

Pretty much sold on Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone since it was announced.

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mkis00797d ago

Ya Days Gone is giving off too little "depth" for me. From what they have shown, the open world doesn't seem very multi-faceted. You upgrade the bike...doesn't seem like it would be enough to keep the player engaged. I was hoping for some sort of settlement building or some other hook. The story will be what I play for, but I hope there is more to it.

RememberThe35797d ago

I'm a big fan of Bend, have been since I found Syphon Fliter in the discount bin at GameStop years ago. But I have to agree, something is missing in Days Gone. I think we do need to see some more depth from the game, more reasons to care about it and want to be in that world. For me atm I have zero interest in the stroy or characters. And for a single player games that's no good.

I'm pumped up for Ghost, day one for sure, but Concrete Genie has pulled at my strings. The more I see it the more I feel the need to get my hands on it. And I haven't painted or drawn for fun since I was in middle school.

conanlifts97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Both of them will be instant buys for me. Days gone is getting a mixed reception and it still puzzles me as to why. In my opinion the game looks amazing, but each to their own and the important thing is there is at least a choice.

sampsonon97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Days Gone will just be another ps4 AAA game that delivers.
Every time i watch this video it looks better as well.

mkis00797d ago

ok so that video somehow made me excited again. Not sure what that's about.

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Srhalo97d ago

Ghosts is going to be awesome. I have this feeling based on absolutely nothing that it's actually going to be a PS5 launch game.

jimbost7997d ago

Lol, i hope not, i want it to be the next big one after Spiderman.

Jay76797d ago

days gone coming out after spider man but I do think ghost of tsushima will probably come out few months after days gone.

jimbost7997d ago

Days gone confirmed for 2019 isnt it?
So next year you reckon mate? Wanted it for Christmas hols. I can still hope.

conanlifts97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

This is why I think the PS5 will be 2020 so that these games can launch first on the PS4. Then with the PS5 if it is B/C this game will run with a few enhancements or will at least be the pro version. As for this game releasing, I think September 2019 with TLOU2 launching in March 2020.

stefan_77197d ago (Edited 97d ago )

PS5 is will be 2021 according to the head of Sony Interactive

97d ago
Ceaser985736197d ago

PS is nailing it.. Preordered Spiderman.. Can't wait for Days gone, LOU2 , Ghost of Tsushima.

monkeyporn97d ago

I had high hopes for GoT but the more I see of it the less it impresses me. While the landscapes are gorgeous the game play is boring. I also had high hopes for Days Gone but man that games got serious problems besides being Brrroing the frame rate drop and the jittering and jerking of the game is awful aggravating. I'm at this poing going to have to pass on both unless some serious changes happen before release.

Jay76797d ago (Edited 97d ago )

sony bend said their at the polishing stages of development with days gone and the game is playable start to finish.also you can't just watch e3 demos to tell how great a game will be you got to actually play them. because a lot of stuff Developers show at e3 is still in early unfinished stages of development.

conanlifts97d ago

"the frame rate drop and the jittering and jerking"

This is pre release footage and these sort of performance problems are easily fixed with updates. Plenty of time left yet to correct it.

monkeyporn97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Can someone tell me WHY I get 6 down votes for simply giving MY opinion on the status of these two game WTF ! Am I not entitled to express my opinion ? Geez take a chill pill people we're just talking here and I'm just letting you known my thoughts on these games.

KickSpinFilter97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Talking about taking a chill pill. You Millennials get so bent up if someone down votes you on a friggin website.
It's hilarious and sad at the same time. Personally Dreams, Ghost and Days are all looking like purchases for me.
I think the "jittering" your seeing is due to person who is actually playing the game. I think Ghost is going to have a very unique control play of your character. But hey I could be wrong.

Ceaser985736197d ago (Edited 97d ago )

You got down vote because you are simply judging and hating.. Fine with Days gone from what you saw it didn't interest you. Since that game got few gameplay footage.. But whats with GOT? It got one Gameplay footage and you keep saying "the more I see it"
So you need to take a chill pill..

King_Noctis97d ago

You express your opinion on the wrong website bro.

Razzer97d ago

Because people disagree with your opinion. You think they shouldn't be able to disagree with you?

"You express your opinion on the wrong website bro."

lol......yes, you should seek out and find a site where everyone agrees with you always. Brilliant. /s

AKS96d ago

"Am I not entitled to express my opinion ?"

You are entitled to your opinion; no one censored you. However, you are not entitled to everyone agreeing with you nor are you free from any criticism. This game is several months away from release. It's typically in the final months when the focus tends to be on optimization and debugging. Making judgments about frame rate based on alpha footage they've shown as though that will represent the way the final release will run is not the most intelligent thing to do. Anyone who has played in an alpha or beta in various games knows the final release typically looks and runs much better. I've played pre-release code of Battlefield games, and they typically look quite bland and are very demanding compared to the final release code, which are polished, optimized, and beautiful aesthetically.

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Ceaser985736197d ago

Seems like you saw a lot of stuff from GOT. and probably played it. That you are so quick to judge... Funny part is you would need a PS4 FIRST to play these game in future.. Till then stop being judgmental.. Did you play Days gone even? They game looked better from Game informer reveal.. So Puhleeeez!!!

doggo8497d ago (Edited 97d ago )

"While the landscapes are gorgeous the game play is boring"

Even though you have never played it, and based off one demo of a short side mission which was obviously more an introduction to the tone and mechanics

Because Sucker Punch have definitely shown us everything there is to show w.r.t. gameplay /s

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