Ghost of Tsushima Dev: We're Achieving The Ambitious Goal of Making The World Move Around The Player

Jason Connell, Art Director on Ghost of Tsushima, said the team had the ambitious goal of making anything in the world move around the player - and it's achieving it.

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KaiPow33d ago

I'm glad they're adding in another difficulty setting or two for people that just want to take in all of that natural splendor.

timbo0833d ago

Have you ever see anything so full of splendor?

combatcash33d ago

The game has beautiful visuals, not sure about the gameplay but it looks fantastic. I may give it a try when it gets discounted.

doggo8433d ago Show
combatcash33d ago

Jealousy? Lol about what? The most recent infamous game left a bad impression on me and yes I completed it. So based on their previous offering I'm not inclined to believe I will enjoy the gameplay. Not everything Sony produces is flawless, I'll be playing LO2 and Death STRANDING when they release. I just don't get caught up in hype. As for Sea of thieves it stands and it only cost me 10 bucks to play. There's games I won't pay full price for, and tsushima will be one of those, I may give it a shot when it gets discounted.

codelyoko33d ago

Good to hear because this was one of the worst aspects of Second Son

ClayRules201233d ago


I think the game looks (visually) incredible & looks really fun to play. I’m anxious to see more of what the game has to offer.

windblowsagain33d ago

Problem with second son was there wasn't enough Variety and the place was too empty, enemies with other ablilites would have been good.

ccgr33d ago

I hope they can pull it off!

RememberThe35733d ago

It's funny because the first article about the announcement, people were really sceptical. I think it was like me and Morganfell who were the only ones really impressed by it.

Glad to see we weren't alone. Seems like people had to let the game sink in before they could really see what SP was trying to show us. GoT was game of the show for me.

HICK33d ago

I was always excited about GoT from the second it was announced.

nucky6433d ago

i've been very impressed too! this is day1 for sure

OB1Biker33d ago

Not sure what you mean. I feel most people were impressed with the first trailer teaser.

Hardiman32d ago

I along with quite a few have been excited for this since the reveal last year!

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The story is too old to be commented.