Call of Duty World at War: Nothing More Than a New Paint Job, But is that a Bad Thing?

"When I heard Call of Duty was returning to its roots I was a tad shaken. WW II has been immortalized in the realm of video games, and Infinity Ward's departure from the norm was what made Call of Duty 4 stand out. The forth iteration of Call of Duty was gem, a multiplayer masterpiece. Its riveting single player was only surpassed by its impressive and enticing multiplayer. It took the franchise out of the past, and caught it up with modern conventions. Instead of living in the past, it began to shape the future. Thus, I was a little unnerved knowing that Call of Duty would return to the hands of Treyarch and the realm of WW II. Would they be able to build on Modern Warfare's success?

At first glance, Treyarch seems to have answered that question with a resounding yes. The game may have moved to the past in setting, but it's a modern shooter. The customization and class structure of the past remains. In fact, nearly everything from the last game is still there. The game is a pleasure to play, but something just doesn't sit right. It's the same game."

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monkey6023686d ago

The only thing I really like are the dogs instead of the helicopter. Apart from that COD5 is nothing COD4 was

aceitman3686d ago

playing on live theres so many ignorant people playing curseing calling names acting childish instead off haveing fun thats y im getting it on the ps3 psn has more mature people playing

Apocwhen3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

We must be playing at different times because I don't find it very different on the PS3 either. Still the same jerks mouthing off and the pre-pube kiddies screaming. There's is some advantage in that not everyone has a headset unlike the xbox 360.

shovelbum3686d ago

It definitely is COD4 60+ years earlier but I really am enjoying the beta. The dogs are very cool unless your on the receiving end of their bites. I enjoy the boards that I've played, especially the nighttime one, forget the name. The train level is great for u sniper campers too (which I hate BTW). So far, it's all good.

AAACE53685d ago

That's whene that mute button comes into play! I start muting idiots right away, so I can enjoy my experience.

monkey6023685d ago

actually I love having the dogs after me it's funny

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cain1413686d ago

I really have never been a huge vehicle fan. I kinda liked that CoD 4 kept them out of the equation.

Relin3686d ago

That's always been my favorite part of games like Warhawk and Battlefield, the layer effect that appears when you have players on the ground as troops, in ground vehicles, and in air vehicles. It allows players to specialize in something they're good at (face it, some of us just aren't that great at being ground troops) without forcing anything.

In CoD4, you were forced into being a good ground trooper; your only options were your weapon loadout. I was hoping that Treyarch would allow for more vehicle gameplay.

Mikito3686d ago

Thats one of my fav points. I like hopping into vehicles and running over people like you. haha ;)

Seriously, I think more people are going to play CoD World at War then go back but you never know with CoD fans. They be CRAZY!!!

cain1413686d ago


I think the balance is just hard to keep with vehicles. In general they are either way to overpowered or really vulnerable.

Blackfrican3686d ago

vehicles needs to be done right. In most games I do not like them do to control and balance issues. However, the vehicles in halo(multilayer) control smooth, without being over/under powered so it can be done. I did not like the vehicles in COD3 though.

Relin3685d ago

Hey now, I didn't say *I* was a bad troop. I'm a badass troop :P There's a reason I always play Support in Bad Company, so I can jump up and C4 your vehicled arse.

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thegamereviews3686d ago

I am enjoying it so far, but for some reason more people are camping in the maps than in COD4.

Mc1873686d ago

More bushes to hide in?

cain1413686d ago

It could just be that the types of players in the beta are more serrious about the game. (seeing as you have to try to get in the beta). They may just camp more in general than players who play casually for fun...

outlawlife3686d ago

it is because of the weaponry, you don't want to run around with a gun that shoots slower and is less accurate

JN4G233686d ago

Good piece; I am sure that Call of Duty World at War will be just as good, if not better than, its predecessors!

cain1413686d ago

After playing the beta I'm not so sure about that...

I'm keeping my Preorder, but I'm on the fense still...

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