Dragon Age 4 Delayed Internally Following BioWare Restructuring

During a recent talk at GDC 2018, Dragon Age's Creative Director Mike Laidlaw reveals that the fourth installment was delayed due to restructuring within BioWare.

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gamingunited266d ago

Eh, w/e if this game dies so be it. Bioware is dead as far as I am concerned.

joab777264d ago

So Andromeda, a game not even made by their AAA team means that a dev that has made some of the greatest games to date is dead?

I’ll wait a bit.

PhantomS42264d ago

Have you played DA2, ME3, or DAI? All 3 bad, some worse than others. Bioware has been a shell of its former self for a very long time.

PapaBop264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

And what is their AAA team making? An online game most likely brimming with MTs and other creative ways to milk their fanbase for every $$$ they're worth. It's hardly an encouraging sign of their future especially when you think about the high profile departures mid development. All their greatest games were made before the EA acquisition also, while I wish it wasn't true, they're a shadow of the developer who made greats such as KOTOR and Baldurs Gate.

gamingunited264d ago

No, Bioware is dead because every one who worked for them back when they were making great RPG's has left the company and all that's left is the name EA uses to promote it's products.

Rachel_Alucard264d ago

Bioware ironically has not made a big hit since Dragon Age origins which was already done by the time EA owned them so they didn't have time to muddle with the game. To this date I remember Peter Moor would always cite origins as Biowares best yet anything after that is never brought up.

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TheCommentator264d ago

Poor Bioware... *Sad Trombone*

If it does come out it will be Dragon Ass, just like mASS Effect: Andromeda was.

You are 100% correct, sir! (Unfortunately)

G3ng4r264d ago

Restructuring or playing with the corpse? Also wonder if the company still hates straight white men in 2018 since that's the primary demographic who plays fantasy games.

showtimefolks264d ago

DA:I was nothing but fetch quests so next game could have less content but overall better quality and variety. A lot of great DA:I content was hidden behind so many fetch quests

Cobra951264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

I disagree. I enjoyed DAI almost as much as the original DAO. DA2 was a bit of a mess, though. Shame about that.

Avengerz43264d ago

Is it sad that it used to be if something had the Bioware brand on it then take my $$$ now. But now I wait for reviews and see how it is before I open my wallet?? The Bioware I used to know with Jade Empire, KoTOR 1&2, ME trilogy an DA 1 are all dead and gone.

Eiyuuou264d ago

Kotor 2 was made by Obsidian Entertainment though.

I do agree with what you're saying.

PhantomS42264d ago

ME 2 was their last great game but a very clear indicator of where they were going to go in a future with how much of a departure it was from what they normally make.

chiefJohn117264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

I'm playing through DA origins and it been great. (Minor issues tho) is DA:I good? I keep hearing mix reviews. Isn't bioware owned by ea? I'll try it out with ea access

_-EDMIX-_264d ago

Dragon Age Inquisition is amazing. Yes Electronic Arts owns BioWare they have for almost 10 years. If it's on EA access I highly recommended it's one of those things where you just have to play for yourself. The year it release it won lots of Game of the Year Awards and rightfully so.

showtimefolks264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

A lot of its it's content is kept locked behind forced fetch quests to open the main story quests

To make the overall length of the game longer they took the easy route of throwing as many side quests as possible and vast majority are fetch quests that make you run all over the map

PhantomS42264d ago

Stick with Origins. Inquisition doesn't hold a candle to Origins.

SolidGear3264d ago

Origins is boring though. It's got a good story but in comparison to II and Inquisition it's simply not as good.

Kyizen264d ago

Gameplay and combat suck but story amd conversations are really good.

RavageX264d ago

I enjoyed it but it definitely took time for it to become interesting to me. I ended up liking it a lot actually.

_-EDMIX-_264d ago

That's exactly how I feel it's actually why I don't really waste my time listening to what other people think regarding some games , simply play it yourself because if you end up liking it trust me you're going to regret not playing it previously because of what other people stated.

It's why it's one of the few games I can't really tell someone else if they're going to like or not like or anything like that simply play yourself and come to a conclusion on how you feel about it because I find lots of people like giving opinions about games in this forceful manner as if they know what you're going to end up liking or something.

gamingunited264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Nah, buy Pillars of Eternity or Torment they are much better CRPG's (for console) If you have any kind of PC Baulders Gate 1 & 2 are probably the best CRPG's ever made and there is Icewind Dale 1 & 2 and Neverwinter Nights.

No Dragon Age game after Origins holds a candle to any of the games I have listed. Though I haven't actually played Torment yet. But I have played all the other games listed and they are all the best CRPG has to offer.

_-EDMIX-_264d ago

Yeah but I played those games too and it's not really an either or I mean he could probably enjoy all of those games.

Cobra951264d ago

Bucking the trend here: I really liked DAI. Some of the criticisms are valid, but this is still a huge, epic very worthwhile entry in the series. I wouldn't miss it if you're a DA fan.

SolidGear3264d ago

It's awesome. A lot better than Origins for sure.

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Prince_TFK264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

I hope it got delayed due to the removal of “live service” from the game, but knowing EA, I doubt that’s the case.

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