5 Nintendo Switch Ports We Would Love to See

We can’t complain. 2018 is looking like a good year for the Switch game-wise. With ports such as Night In The Woods, Terraria and Hollow Knight, and upcoming releases such as Kirby: Star Allies, Wargroove, and Fe, there is seemingly plenty to keep gamers busy. However, due to the gameplay quality on the popular console, there are still many games that people would like ported. Here are five games that we think should definitely be ported to Switch.

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paintedgamer1984304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

Nice list. What i hope nintendo does is remake all the zelda games for the switch. They are literally sitting on a gold mine. Imagine a link to the past, links awakening, ocarina of time, majoras mask, wind waker, and twilight princess all reworked with modern graphics.... Hell, just not to be greedy id settle for remakes of oot, mm, ww, and tp. Do it nintendo! :P

wutasa304d ago

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_-EDMIX-_304d ago

I would absolutely love a full-blown remake of Ocarina of Time.

Or Link to the Past. (Absolutely love the Game Boy Advance version) every few years I bring out the GameCube with the Gameboy player adapter and play through that game lol

TallonIV304d ago

Metroid Prime Trilogy in full hd.

SR388303d ago

Shit list...make the classics up to date abit, most games don't need remaking as it would ruin them