Final Fantasy XV Version 1.20 Available Now; Unlocks Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto in Story Mode

Final Fantasy XV gets new patch that allows players to play as Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto during the story.

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FallenAngel1984372d ago

Now I have even more reason to play through this great game again

Snookies12372d ago

It is a great game, it just hurts to think about how much of a masterpiece it could have been if they'd had enough time to work on it until completion.

They just need to make an ultimate edition that actually puts the DLC episodes into the main story instead of having them as side options from the main menu. It would add so much to this game's campaign as a whole.

Lexreborn2372d ago

This is great timing because I'm at chapter 12 and it's going to change the game even more for me. I love how every time I have come back to this game it was a new better game then when I started with.

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Bahamut-Shin371d ago

I finished FFXV long ago and decided not to play untill all the updates are done before going back to do all I wanted to do.

at this point they will have to re-release a complete version.

CoryHG371d ago

I repicked this up to play on black friday. good time now. plus any pro enhancements to take advantage of and having a hdr10 television rather than just 4k

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