Call of Duty: WWII Quickdraw Fix Is Something That Shouldn't Even Exist

There's a workaround to the broken Call of Duty: WWII quickdraw gun attachment bug!

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r3f1cul386d ago

3 years, a beta, and what 3 weeks? and this what we have ;) anyone who still gives these guys money deserves the broken, MTx infested, horrible netcode having products you continue to get year after year :/

DrumBeat386d ago

Lag compensation back in full force, I see. You also have developers actually defending this delay and telling people to fix their aim. I'm so glad I didn't give into this years CoD as much as I wanted to.

InTheLab386d ago

Way to vote with your wallet. Everything I see in WWII looks awful including 9 maps that all appear to be trash. Most Cods ship with 16 maps but this one can't be bothered as they are busy loading up on variants and dlc

letsa_go386d ago

Maybe you just suck at the game or have crappy internet? I have had no issues with it and played all night and morning. I also only paid $30 and it was worth it, I think.

r3f1cul386d ago

people like you are whats wrong with cod... the "Git gud skrub" bullshit is so ignorant beyond belief ... go watch a netcode analysis video on ww2 "battlenonsense" on youtube does a great job and then put your foot in your mouth ... it has nothing to do with my skill, i dont even own the game nor do i plan on owning it because its trash its just pure unadulterated factual evidence that the server delays are pathetic, it doesnt matter if you are too dense to realize it or say otherwise

2pacalypsenow386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

It has nothing to do with skill, its the lag compensation.

There are videos as far as Black ops

NarooN386d ago

Gotta love these types of dismissive trash tier comments that go "i haven't had any issues period maybe ur just bad huehuehuehue"

You couldn't possibly showcase your ignorance harder when you say shit like that. CoD has had terrible netcode issues for AGES now and it's utterly baffling that it hasn't been fixed yet. It must be something buried deep in the game's code because this sorta crap has been in the series since CoD4. Getting shot around corners, firing phantom bullets even when you have low ping, seemingly requiring a billion shots to kill one guy yet you melt instantly every time, and general desync have been plaguing the series for years but most either never noticed or didn't care.

Glad I held out and waited for it to release so everybody else could beta test it lol, I almost pulled the trigger on it after having not bought one myself since the first Blops. Not about to pay devs to release half assed trash.

letsa_go386d ago

"I don't own the game, but here's why it sucks!" Ok, I will keep winning and having fun, while you guys keep complaining in an online forum about it. Enjoy!

Krysis386d ago

You got roasted dude bro.

Smokingunz386d ago

Bullshit, the online is trash and has aiming and hit detection problems. U just had a few good games just like everybody else as well as myself did. Oh and by the way I went 30 and 5

letsa_go385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Maybe I just got lucky, but I am consistently in the top 3 in multiplayer. But I only play hardcore team deathmatch. I also made my setup dialed in for online gaming. My tv has low input lag and is set to game mode, I use a usb cable to connect the controller to ps4 for no lag, and have my router dialed in to minimize lag as well. Those milliseconds really do help when it comes down to who pulls the trigger first!

Also, not sure how I got roasted...because I have been enjoying a game and having fun, and you guys are trying to convince me otherwise? Wow good roast. I almost let some internet losers affect what makes me happy.

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meatnormous386d ago

Still enjoying seige to this day. Still a great number of people playing and its going on its 3rd year. Dev is also supporting it with new operators and maps.

TheVetOfGaming386d ago

Gonna buy it this week if it's still in the sale with the 2nd year pass. I like the sound of tactical, patient play. Any news on a sequel?

meatnormous385d ago

I think they are gonna keep the base game going and just do season passes each year. You absolutely need friends and a mic to succeed at it.

386d ago
Iloveherliezz386d ago

Everybody and there mom knows this cod tick rate is ass.

Altovoltage386d ago

This game it’s so broken from the lag to the net code. You can shoot a wall next to a player and somehow they get hit it’s way worse than any other cod I’ve ever played.

jc12386d ago

I still play COD: Infinite Warfare as that is actually a really good game with an excellent campaign and extremely deep online mode. COD: WW2 on the other hand: I traded it for Destiny 2 after 1 week.

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